Published: June 30th 2018
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today we took a private tour of Belfast. We had a very nice driver, Phillip, a young man with five children. That’s what became apparent very quickly. The Irish, at least in Belfast, are reproducing at an astounding rate. Every woman of childbearing age is carting are at least one child under the age of 5.

Anyway, I digress. We decided to drive around norther Ireland to get a lay of the land so to speak. We left Belfast and headed East along the head of Strangford Lock (or Lough as they spell it) to Bally water. We passed through many mall seaside towns all of which wee quite lovely. We then went to Mount Stewart Park and house. The Stewarts were originally from Scotland. They bought 4,000 acres in Londonderry and built a castle. /the Stewarts became the Marquesses of Londonderry. One of their heirs, Lord Castlereigh was very important in the English government, initiating the separation of Ireland, and talking king George IIII into relinquishing the American colonies. After touring the house which was built in the 1840’s we then toured the gardens which were quite beautiful.

We then went to lunch at Harrison’s in Gray abbey. The food was delicious. It was a Saturday so there were many families out and about. I had a delicious chicken and leek pie and Dennis of course had a hamburger. Our driver is training for the Murph so he didn’t east any lunch.

Since time was getting short, we decided to go to Belfast Castle. This is a beautiful castle with an interesting Cat Garden. There are statues and figures of cats every where in this garden. We were the last passengers getting back to the ship. They took uptake gangway just after we boarded the ship. What a fabulous day. Beautiful weather and a great driver.

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2nd July 2018

Now that's beautiful - what a great setting

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