Northern Ireland progress, peace & geologic giants

Published: March 21st 2014
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It was time to flee the larger city of Belfast and begin in earnest to immerse ourselves in what we picture (and perhaps most people as well) as one of the true experience of these two nations, coastal driving. It is after all an island, the third largest in Europe, and 20th largest in the world. Okay, enough geography. We jumped in the “Jukemobile” (we rented a gray Nissan Juke) and navigated... Read Full Entry

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Lovely walled cityLovely walled city
Lovely walled city

Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Bright flowers aboundBright flowers abound
Bright flowers abound

all along the roads
All wrapped upAll wrapped up
All wrapped up

40 mile per hour winds
Brutus touringBrutus touring
Brutus touring

Had to talk Brutus into coming out in the wind for a photo!
Tuna SteakTuna Steak
Tuna Steak

great seafood here
Muriel, MJ & DaveMuriel, MJ & Dave
Muriel, MJ & Dave

Making new friends
A great day for hikingA great day for hiking
A great day for hiking

we are getting plenty of walking in
This dude was a hootThis dude was a hoot
This dude was a hoot

Filming for the tourist board
One more tunnelOne more tunnel
One more tunnel

Narrow roads
GPS says go straightGPS says go straight
GPS says go straight

The coastal road

21st March 2014

Giant Geology!
So jealous you got to see the beautiful five pointed basalt columns known as Giant's Causeway. Yes, geology geek here. (You can also see these in Mammoth Lakes in CA - Devil's Post Pile I think it's called - just amazing!). The photos are absolutely gorgeous and enforce my belief that I'm destined to visit Ireland sometime in the near future! Can't wait to see more. Oh - and sheep are cute!
21st March 2014

Geology geek
Always great spending time with great rock formations. Ireland and Northern Ireland are beautiful. You must make the time to get over here. And...indeed those sheep are cute.
21st March 2014

stopping to smell the roses
Ah...the life of the eternal travellers...entertaining the senses as you explore another destination...stopping only to smell coffee and the roses...not going there about the sheep!!!
21st March 2014

Smelling the roses not the sheep
Ok, I'm a city girl and I love the sheep. I''l take the heat over that one, no problem. You'll see more photos of them I'm certain of it. I like your entertaining the senses comment-- exactly!
21st March 2014

Smelling the roses not the sheep
Ok, I'm a city girl and I love the sheep. I''l take the heat over that one, no problem. You'll see more photos of them I'm certain of it. I like your entertaining the senses comment-- exactly!
21st March 2014

Northern Ireland tour
Brrrr--I can almost feel that cold wind blowing! Spectacular scenery. And the rainbow is the perfect touch. Enjoy. :-)
21st March 2014

Whipping wind is a bit cool
It was our decision to come here in the off season and we knew we would face the elements. The temperatures have not been too bad overall. We are prepared for it and have dressed appropriately. The weather has not stopped us from doing anything we have wanted to do so no complaints. The wind chill factor...has been a factor...these 40 mile per hour winds are chilling to say the least. We wrap up and head out. We love the fog and the changing weather and scenery. We have the right attitude and enjoying it.
21st March 2014
An amazing location

I am so happy you are finding so many great things on this trip. Although the weather is not always the best, it is providing some incredible shots for you. Be safe, enjoy and keep these wonderful blogs coming.
21st March 2014
An amazing location

Finding wonderful things
As you know this trip was planned on shorter notice than our usual trips and we had not done as much research. We are thrilled at all the wonderful things we are learning and seeing. A great trip so far and the weather is merely making it a more memorable trip.
21st March 2014

Rainy days
It never stopped raining when I was there, glad you made it to Derry and the wall tour and also the Giants Causeway - similar geological formations are at Lands End Cornwall. I love rocks , The tea and scones will keep you going. Cheers
21st March 2014

Stops along the way
Fortunately the weather has not stopped us from doing anything we wanted to do. The rain comes and goes and we take advantage of it when it slows or stops. We will have to check out Lands End Cornwall as we love these geology lessons. The warm coffee, teas and soups do keep us going.
21st March 2014

Sounds like perfect Irish weather...
a Bushmill's Irish whiskey would have warmed you up! You might want to visit the Belleek porcelain factory (Google it) if you pass that way.
21st March 2014

Perfect Irish Weather
As a matter of fact that is true. A mix of everything and it is fine with us. We've actually been happy that we have not had much rain until the last few days. We consider ourselves fortunate. We are much of whiskey drinkers so we skipped the Bushmills tour. But you are right it would have warmed us up.
21st March 2014

So Jealous!
An Irish road trip! We are so jealous. The pictures are great, and the more sheep the better! If Nanci had her way every picture would be babies or squirrels! Thanks for sharing and we look forward to your next adventure...
21st March 2014

Road tripping in Ireland
The narrow roads are a challenge to us as we are used to those big highways. Plus we are entertained by the fact that many people park their cars on those narrow streets. Love it. More sheep to come...we promise. Got some great photos of them today. Heading into the countryside next.
22nd March 2014
Giant's Causeway

Fab holiday!
Basalt columns, a swinging bridge, green hills, a walled city and juicy history--what a fabulous holiday! I was so glad to read that you were going slower on this jaunt--it sounds as if you're making the most of these places--some of my faves in the world. Incidentally, if you sing to the sheep, they'll generally face you--maybe they just want me to shut up, but I get good photos. Cheers!
22nd March 2014
Giant's Causeway

Singing to the sheep?
Clearly you've never heard MJ sing! ha ha. The slower pace is really agreeing with us. We are enjoying some down time and exploring at leisure.
23rd March 2014

Sounds great!
Hi Merry Jo and Dave, You've convinced me that the Northern Island coast road is a must-see asap. I loved your photos too. Rock on, Sheila
23rd March 2014

Wait a minute....
You are from Ireland. ..... haven't you seen the northern coast? What town are you from? We are currently in Cong at the Ashford Castle. Enjoying a bit of luxury. You'll have to see more of Ireland.
25th March 2014

Irish weather
Loving your Irish blogs MJ and Dave. The photos get more stunning with each post! Wouldn't it be nice we could send you some of the Malaysian sun and you could send us some cooling Irish breezes? :)
25th March 2014

Weather perfect today
We have sunny sky and 55 degrees today. Just perfect. I'll send you a cool breeze. This country is easy to photograph.
26th March 2014

What's in a name?
I'm hazarding a guess that Darren Clarke doesn't share my husband's middle name! Anyhoo, it's pretty cool to know you were thinking about us! I loved the road sign! Reminded me of seeing one in Florida that said Speed Cushion for Speed Bump! Your windy pic MJ could be in an advertisement- pretty! Enjoying your blog as always - love, C
29th July 2014

I'm finally getting around to reading blogs that go back to April! Especially your Irish travels that strike a personal chord in my heart I was to be married on the cliffs near Antrim a million years ago to an Orangeman. Anyhoo, I really loved Mr. Weather and his sidekick's spin on a place I plan to go someday...although your gorge pics have motivated me just a little more now.
30th July 2014

For years Ireland was way down on my list of places to visit. Maybe because so many Americans want to go there and that turned me off. We decided to go because we were looking for an island for our anniversary. I'm so glad we went. I am enchanted with Ireland. I had more fun than I could have imagined. I'm thrilled that we went. There are few countries that I will go back to a 2nd time only because there are so many to see but feel certain Ireland is on the list of places to return. Love to hear the stories about you and your Orangeman. Antrim is amazing.

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