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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Scunthorpe May 7th 2006

The morning of the fifth I woke up early and headed off to the department to put in a few final hours on the old maths coursework. Basically, you've gotta write a program to do something or other. I hate programming. It's like learning another language but one where if you leave out one single letter or apostrophe or something, the whole thing just doesn't work the way you want it to. No matter how much I played around with the stupid code the program just refused to work properly. Handed it in anyway. I'm hoping I'll still get marks for effort. With the coursework handed in, I was free to spend the weekend doing whatever I wanted. Had a bit of a sunbathe outside the department listening to the smooth sounds of artists such as ... read more
Maths Coursework
Sticky Vicky
The Shed

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire May 7th 2006

Last weekend was a long weekend in the England in celebration of May Day, a holiday which dates back to Pagan times welcoming spring. We ventured off again for the weekend to the North East of England (Yorkshire to be exact) and began our holiday by visiting Whitby, a cute little typical seaside English village. Whitby is where Captain Cook was born and raised and there is a mini replica of the Endeavour which takes tourists out on joyrides. Whitby is also where "Dracula" entered the UK... The highlight of Whitby was Whitby Abbey which dates back to the Medieval times (and is still in pretty good condition considering). We then drove into Robin Hood's Bay, which got it's name because Robin Hood kept his boats there in case he even needed to make a quick ... read more
Whitby and The Endevour
Whitby Abbey

Oh my goodness, we are done our time in London already! So sad, we are jumping on a train to get to Gatwick tonight to be able to check in for our 6am flight to Amsterdam tomorrow morning. Crazy, we have to pack up! So our hostel is pretty good, lots of great people, so dirty though... Showers worked half of the time... and there was toilet paper about half the time also. But we got free breakfast and the location couldn't be beat. All in all, a good place. We were totally the minority English speakers, it was a crazy feeling... Going to breakfast and not being able to understand ANYONE. Literally, no one that we met had English as their native tongue. It was awesome. So Friday, we were total tourists, it was great. ... read more
Big Ben
Big Ben Buildings
on the bus

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 7th 2006

Day 3 in London. Sunday, I went to see the “New” Armenian Church not so new about a year old or so. Vatche Manukian Donated the money for it. Well the Abaranci (Vehapar) from Armenia ordained the Church as Saint Yeghishe, I didn’t know we had a such a Saint in our Religious History for those of you scratching your head, You are right we never did. The Church is named after Vatche Manukian’s father, Blasphemy I tell you. I met Huby, Ovsigs daughter and we were off to central London. Took the Underground to Picadilly Circus, we went into a store called Lilywhites, did some shopping, and then we were off on foot to Leciester Square there was some Buddhist thing going on. We then walked to Covent Garden, at 3 in the afternoon sat ... read more
More Picadilly

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire May 7th 2006

So, it's getting a bit late now so we've just got the pictures up and more text will appear here eventually, but for those who are interested here's where we ended up - Saltaire, Yorkshire!... read more
The mill from another angle
Historic Saltaire
Our flat circled in red

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater May 7th 2006

We went on a trek to Earl's Court because we heard there was a Tesco's out there that sells sim cards. We checked with the carphones people and their best deal was Mobile World which gives us 6c/min calls from our mobiles to Australia. YAY! But I was determined to get a tesco's sim for my existing phone because they have cheap UK calls and texts, but now I have them sim I think the mobile world one is better (Tesco sim cost £3.49, no credit vs Mobile World £10 but with £10 credit). Tesco's Earl's Court isn't a very nice place to shop and, though they did actually sell sims the word at the door was ummmm no not here. I'd been passed from Tesco to Tesco all over the West side of inner London ... read more

Using my almost god-like train riding abilities I scored a free train ride to Manchester from Liverpool. Rule #1 of train travel, if they dont ask, dont fill out your Brit Rail pass :-) Not really too much to say, just putting up some pics for y'all... read more
Little Mikka and the Tower Bridge
For Meko

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool May 6th 2006

Damn you FLAMES!!!! I thought it would be easy to keep this thing up to date but wow, so much to do and sitting inside for an hour or so in front of a computer just seems so wrong for some reason. As you will notice I don’t have access to get my pictures off my camera so this update will be text only. Ok where was I? April 27th Went out with the Steve last night, got a little drunk so I didn’t really wake up till around noon-ish. Steves buddies paid for every single drink they had by doing magic tricks to the people in the bar, never seen that before but I might have to give it a shot. The night clubs out here are pretty much the same except for the fact ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater May 6th 2006

It's the weekend!Not that that makes an awful lot of difference in our luxurious lifestyle at present - it just means breakfast starts later, and it's our day to check out of Luxury Towers and trundle our suitcases around the corner to the Bayswater Youth Hostel. No more morning TV news from bed, own bathroom complete with bath (ah! Bliss) and turning up at will to gorge on the breakfast buffet. It's been lovely. This morning's news is full of Thursday's local governmnt elections, which you may have heard was a real upset for the Labour government - they're still in power, but the Conservatives got more than 40% of the primary vote, and most town halls actually changed hands. Blair was obliged to completely reshuffle his cabinet to appease the masses, but it may not ... read more
Marble Arch
St Martins in the Fields
St Martins in the Fields

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 6th 2006

Got my phone stolen...and I had to pay for things with Pounds again...and I was sick....That's really all I have to say about London... :(... read more

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