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April 29th 2006
Published: May 3rd 2006
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See the phonebooth?See the phonebooth?See the phonebooth?

And off to the right, at the end of the bushes, is a little red dot waving. That is Katie standing outside the house.
Quick one this time.
I have this calling card to call home when I need/want to. But we are ahead 8 hours over here in the land of knarly teeth. So I often have to wait and call later in the evening as to not wake anyone undeservingly or to get ahold of places during business hours. The phone is at the train station in town though. About a 20 or 25 minute walk at a good pace. Gotta be over a mile round trip. And I dont mind doing it but I sure wish sometimes that I didn't have to. Be that as it may, some things just have to get done. There is a gas station around the block of course. You would think that they would have a payphone. Nope. There is also a Holiday Inn right next to the gas station. They DO have payphones, but for some reason, the damn things, will not accept my calling card. Great. So I will walk into town at 10pm sometimes after dinner and conversation.
If there was only a phone closer to the house.

Well guess what? Turns out there is. If I would just have walked to
Here's a better look at it.Here's a better look at it.Here's a better look at it.

Ya, it's that close.
the corner in the opposite direction from town. There is a phone booth right there, at the end of the block, on the main road. To be honest, I have actually passed it several times. Just never really noticed it and then I hadn't been that way for a while so when it came up that I had to call home, well; I just plain forgot. 😊 No phone booths here (right Cole). This isn't the first time its happened to me. I might need to get my sight checked. How do you say Opthamologist in British?

Also, I must say, that for a place cold almost year round, the British people haven't really caught on to the idea of a clothes dryer. Not a lot of people that I know here have one. But everyone has a 'clothes line' in their backyard. Hello, there is hardly any sun over here. It's just seems so basic. Plus, the beer is warm. Well not really warm, but definately warm by refrigeration standards. They can't say that they don't know what COLD is. Just go outside. It's backwards man. The emperor is naked. And Im not afraid to say it.
Home cook'nHome cook'nHome cook'n

Hey mom. My 13th birthday present is still paying off.

Maybe because everyone is cold all the time already, and then having to wear damp clothes, they can't take a really cold beer. It would probably put them right over the edge and send them into hypothermia. Who knows. As Raj put it to me though, "Well mate, those are just all the little quirks about a place that let you know, you are not at home." Too right.

p.s. (political sidenote): Some years back, Britian loosened it's immigration rules. Since then, people from the Commonwealth have been pooring into the country. Hence, the population boom has made its big cities (like London) the most expensive places to live in the world. Now, all over the news, are reports of how Britians health care system is failing. Duh. I could have called that one. Sorry, didn't mean to get all serious. Just thought it was comforting to know, no matter where you go, people have the same problems. OH, they complain about gas prices here too. Wow, if I knew where the phones were, could get a cold beer and my clothes were dry I could be @ home.
Naaaaaaa. :{-

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3rd May 2006

Is it "knarly" or "gnarly"?...hee hee. Well anyways, like always very fun to peruse your adventures. By the way is that Tapatio? Take Care...
3rd May 2006

I see katie but not he phonebooth. It must be an American thing. People out there should have a day without the commonwealth. Hehe.
4th May 2006

What kinda hot sauce is that? Im going to have to send you some good stuff
4th May 2006

I,m trying figure out how I can send you a tall 33 degree bullet, two specials and bag of nuts. Let me know if you have any ideas.
8th May 2006

Feel like Celebrities..
We still can't believe we met you on the train near Slough and still can't believe you recognized us! Sorry we ran off, but we just checked your blog and its great. Our kind of blog. Have fun in Spain - its somewhere we would love to go. Looking forward to reading your entries!

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