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September 20th 2009
Published: September 14th 2009
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Getting ready to go!Getting ready to go!Getting ready to go!

Only 9 kilos of luggage!
Thursday August 19th

Packing is the hard part! I did really well this time and only took 9 kilos with me! Plenty of space. Saying goodbye to the girls was the hardest part. Then we were off to the airport. Checking in was so simple, as we'd done it online this time. We got to skip the queues!
Waiting aound is the hard part, especially when you're excited.
The Flight.
My theory is correct. It really is like childbirth. You forget how bad it is. Singapore Airlines was fine. Really..they're all much of a muchness in my opinion. It was no better or worse than Qantas or BA. well.. the movie selection was crap though. My legs didn't ache as much as last time thankfully. We departed from the new terminal at Singapore. This airport always impresses me. It's so huge and so clean. I managed to have a couple of naps on the second long leg. My ears were awful this trip. Once again, I was deaf for ages. We finally landed in London at 5:43am. The food was quite nice. I had beef in red wine and potatoes.. an omlette with chicken sausage and and fried rice with chicken.

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