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May 28th 2009
Published: May 28th 2009
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This isn´t your standard tour through Europe. Ron has put together a most interesting trip for us. During the next 3 months we will visit England, Canary Islands, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, and the Greek Islands in that order. It should be quite a trip.

Our England itinerary was also a bit unique. We really went so I could see Stonehenge. So, we stayed in Bristol instead of dealing with the high costs of London. It turned out to be a delightful city with much recent renovation that was revived the city tremendously. Sorry there are no photos to share. You´ll just have to take my word that it´s a cool place.

Bath was just a 15 minute train ride from Bristol and was the start of our Stonehenge Tour. The Rick Steves´ recommended "Mad Max" tour included Stonehenge, Avebury, Lacock, and Castle Combe. It was a great day. Avebury is a much larger Standing Stone monument and is also the site of most of the crop circles that occur in England. Lacock was a small village with the Abbey that was used in the filming of the first two Harry Potter movies. Castle Combe was a most beautiful Cotswald village. After the tour we explored Bath with a visit to the Roman Baths and the Bath Cathedral.

Our last day in England was spent revisiting London´s prime tourist´s spots. We walked, and walked, and walked since the Tube now costs 4 Pounds ($6.50) for a single ride. Yikes!!!!!

We are in Tenerife (Canary Islands) now. It is a beautiful island with much to offer. The main tourist season has not yet begun, so the crowds aren´t too bad. Tomorrow we fly to Gran Canary and check out the sights there. More to follow...

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This is a collection of Standing Stones near Stonehenge that is 16 times larger and 1000 years older.
Ron walking the hengeRon walking the henge
Ron walking the henge

The henge is the circular banked enclosure with an internal ditch. The stones are placed around the henge.
Chalk horse on the hillside near AveburyChalk horse on the hillside near Avebury
Chalk horse on the hillside near Avebury

These Cherhill horses are carved out of the chalk hillsides and are 300 years old.

28th May 2009

Who'd have believed it..
WE are SO jealous of the weather in the UK - after you left, the weather in Florida turned to what is typically British summer weather - rain, rain and more rain. The locals of course were thrilled after the long draught; the tourists, aka me and David and Ruth & Ray, not so much! Great to hear of your adventures - keep us posted. Love Jeanne
29th May 2009

Hi Big Sis and Bro-inLaw
I'm so glad you guys are having good weather. The pics from the UK are great and can't wait for Canary pics. Sorry I missed your Detroit call. Talk to ya soon. Love from Jan and me...
30th May 2009

The stones
Loved the pictures,,, and remember the cotswolds......fondly,,,,,,bath looks nice, Never went there. I am happy for you and the weather and the fun. Love you
1st June 2009

The whole time I was looking at the Stonehedge pics, I was thinking of Diana Gabaldons books! Great pics as always! Hanging in on the RE market. Closing coming up July 2nd :)
3rd June 2009

Loved it, Pam and Ron! Harry is my favorite and I haven't made it to the cloister. Can't wait to see what you see next. Cindy

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