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March 14th 2009
Published: March 14th 2009
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Since signing out of TravelBlog- allegedly - I've been struggling to establish myself on Wordpress. It all went so well at first. I got a pretty banner showing a local landscape. I tussled with jargon. I uploaded a blog, and a picture too. But after that.... It all seemed to go wrong. I had to go to forums to understand why, second time round, my pictures declined to include themselves with my text. Then when I finally learnt how to include my pictures, I didn't like the look of them, so wanted to take them out, and put them back in another way. Nothing doing. After doing my bloodpressure no good at all - and risking the computer's very existence, I deleted the whole blog.

TravelBlog, I like you. I may be using you under false pretences, because I'm not really a traveller in the sense that you usually understand the word. But you work well for people like me, who are irritated by dashboard widgets (what?) and tag surfing (what??), and who can't be bothered to find out what 'readomattic' means. You understand those of us who simply want to jot down what amounts to a diary entry, with maybe a picture or two. So I'm back.

This week, I've been in England, staying with daughter 1 & family. Next week, it's back to the bricolage, and getting That Kitchen finished in time for Easter. Wish us luck.


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