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February 1st 2005
Published: February 1st 2005
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Pancakes! :(Pancakes! :(Pancakes! :(

Here is me hugging my dog and wanting pancakes! I swear I have a life! Ok well maybe I don't... Have a laugh at my expense!
I am going crazy waiting for the pancakes my dad sent! I don’t think I can make it another day! There is also a comfy blanket that my cousin gave me for Christmas in the box!
Today was a crazy day! I woke up early, it was around 7:30 (I know this is not early, but to a slacker student it is!). I went to talk to Professor Bailey about adding my British Government class to my schedule. He is a very nice bloke (throwing in some brit culture there) and I know if I need anything I can come bother him. I went to Global Political Economy and learned all about hegemony. I went to my British Government and Politics class and guess what? There was an American professor teaching my class! I love how foreign people teach other countries government! He was brilliant and I him for 3 hours today. I actually got to talk to him for a few minutes after class and he explained many of the procedures here! He is very accommodating to all his students compared to the Brit teachers.

I had an hour break today! Wow! I ran home, cooked lunch, e-mailed, and then ran back to class. The great thing is I don’t have another class until Friday from 4-5!!! I hope this entry isn’t too boring, but I am trying to explain the pancake situation! I think I am going to open an IHOP in England!

Well hope everything is well with everyone! I am supposed to go out with a whole group of people tonight! Last Tuesday I went out it wasn’t good and I am glad Amber is going to keep me in line! Ah well, I don’t have class till Friday!
One more thing! Laundry machines here are evil! Don't trust them! I had to walk to Lindsey hall in the rain (I sound like a grandma! It was long walk with laundry!) and then the machine ate 3 pounds (six american dollars!!). Everyone who has a washer in your house give it a hug for me!


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