Tourblog #3 ‘Though Bob’s Eyes’

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September 5th 2020
Published: September 15th 2020
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Although it feels like we are just on the road for a couple of days now, we actually already reached the third week of The Impossible Tour!How time flies….., it’s fascinating and sad at the same time….. During this third chapter of our ‘adventure of a lifetime’ (as we would like to call it) we went rogue and crossed the border to Wales, because why not? We drove to Wales’s beautiful capitol Cardiff and met there with our friend Dan. Dan showed us around this cool city and together we made a gig possible at the parliament of Wales, at the Bay of Cardiff; undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots I have ever played. The stageview during this gig was something else, as I could see a big part of the coastline with lots of beautiful little houses which were build into the cliffs, so to make a long story story short: quite a nice day at the office! After this special show we moved straight back to England, to play (and stay) at the beautiful campsite Wharf Inn. We played a completely amplified show for the camp guests in the evening and enjoyed the amazing hospitality that was given to us by the owners. Before we even played our show they already spoiled us with delicious pub food and the next day with a full English Breakfast, that pretty much stuffed us for the rest of the day. So, with well filled bellies, we went to the nearest city, Stourport, to do what we always did so far: scoping out the place and see if there are people who have the guts to book us for a gig. Needless to say, during these unprecedented times ‘no’ was the usual answer….. But luckily in Stourport luck was on our side and we didn’t need to search for long, in fact we already hit the jackpot straight away with the first place that we visited: Morleys at The Swan. We met with the lovely people over there, Mimi and Matt, and arranged a gig for that same night, we started playing just one hour after we walked in. After the gig Mimi served us dinner; probably the best pizza all of us have ever eaten and ‘the day after’ we went back to have a jam with Matt, owner of the place and a wicked guitar player. At the moment of writing this tour blog we were actually ‘alive and kicking’ in Shrewsbury. We just did some successful busking gigs here and now made our way to Liverpool, to smash out some more gigs on the streets there. The amount of ‘moving our asses’ from town to town will increase even more during this last week, but more about that in the tour blog that will follow next week! I very much thank you for your patience with reading and for reaching this point in the blog: bless you! Till the next blog! XB


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