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June 2nd 2018
Published: June 2nd 2018
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People say, you need to have a plan when you set off on an adventure in a 33ft bus. Well I agree to some degree, of course you need to avoid getting wedged in a narrow street with no space to turn around, so plan a route where that is not likely to happen, end of plan. Where to go and for how long, we’ll who cares, just so long as it’s a lovely spot where you can stay as long as you like, preferably for nothing. Well on our first extended outing we found just the spot. A local authority run car park, next to the sea, miles of dog walking, next to Pub and it’s freeeeeeeee!!!!! Amazing... Next to The Ship Inn in Havant Just on left before the bridge to Hayling Island. Ssshhhhh...

We pulled in just in time for supper and parked up nose in and out to sea, the windscreen makes a great panoramic viewing platform. Next to us was a fella in a Euro morohome, he was doing the same as us, out on his first proper trip, testing the waters of life on the road. We chatted for a while, until the smell of delicious pub food got the better of us. By the time we woke up the next morning, our neighbour had left so we moved over a bit, set down the jacks and extended our home. That’s it we’re here now for a few days.

Genny on, no one to disturb, cooked breakfast and out, walking the coast and beautiful countryside to Emsworth. The whole bay north of Hayling is full of history and beautiful countryside. We wasted hours just watching the tide go in and out whilst we puzzled over a path that leads across the bay at low tide. Needless to say when we awoke one morning to see a white van stuck on said path, much laughter insued. Thinking it was some drunken prank from the night before, we were surprised to learn it was a young lad, in the area trying to find window cleaning jobs. While he waited for a reasonable hour to go door knocking, he thought it a good idea to drive his van accross on the twice daily visible path. He was lucky the RAC arrived to pull him out before his van turned into something from a Top Gear Challenge.

We’ve had a visit from our good friends Simon and Elma who shared a few hours with us. Woody came along to say hi to Sonny and Purdie. A lovely day was had by all, let’s see how long it is before we see them on the road. I hope we do, it’ll be a hoot...

Today we walked from our pitch, along The Billy Walkway to do a recce on a parkup site on the south coast of Hayling. The path follows the old steam rail track from Havant to Hayling. It’s about an hour and half walk, taking in some great views across to Southampton. We met some other folk in an American RV who gave us some top tips and convinced us that this car park on the beach was a definite future destination. Glorious sunshine, a Kite Surfing display and a plate of White Bait before heading back to the Bus for supper. Bonus tonight is a free pint, thanks to O2 WiFi and Fullers in the Ship.

Moving on tomorrow, not far, but we’ve been here now, totally self sufficient for four days and nights. It’s been brilliant and has proved to us what a great vehicle this is. Piping hot showers, hot home cooked food, ice for the G&T and a king size bed to sleep in, what more could we ask for. We’ve done well for power and water but now we do need to fill up and empty out. We‘we booked a pitch at a site just up the road, it’s cheating a bit but who cares if it keeps us going for a few more days. More of that in the next instalment.

Need to go now, there’s some lovely smells coming from the Gally, Lyd is doing supper and it smells Devine. So until next time, thanks for reading folks.

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3rd June 2018

Loving your travels....
keep them coming! Just having my coffee in the garden in the sun this morning and reading your blog has got me of to a good sunny Sunday xxx

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