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January 10th 2011
Published: January 11th 2011
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Hi and welcome to my blog. I'll try and update this often with what we've been doing and where we have visited. A quick warning, this blog is likely to be full of bad grammar, equally poor jokes and the mass overuse of the exclamation mark!! With that out the way I'll introduce myself for those who don't know me and explain where we're going.

I'm Dave and I'm going travelling with my girlfriend Hayley on the 15th January, we've been planning this trip (and saving) for near on 2 years so now it's nearly here I think it's fair to say that we're both very excited and maybe a little nervous.

Our journey starts with a midday train to London Stansted, we're arriving ridiculously early as our flight isn't until 10 in the evening, but with the recent snow we thought it better to get there early in case the train is delayed. We then have a 14 hour flight with Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur, we got a great deal on these flights at £200, hence the reason we're starting here rather than the more common Bangkok. Finally after that we have a 2 hour coach to get us to the city and find our hostel, I think it's fair to say it's going to be a very long first day but I think the excitement should hopefully overcome some of the boredom.

We've got 3 days booked in our first hostel, after which we will probably leave Kuala Lumpur and begin our travels around South East Asia. Our next destination is Thailand which we plan to access via a boat from a beautiful looking Island called Langkawi. We then plan probably to do a circular route through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia before heading back to Kuala Lumpur for our flight to Melbourne on the 18th May. We also plan to meet our friends Jack and Katie in Cambodia (hello if you're reading this), they have been out in South East Asia since November so hopefully can give us some pointers!!

Once in Melbourne our plan is to get a coach to Sydney and look for work where we have a years Working Holiday Visa (the blog might be less interesting then!!). How long we do that for and what we do after that is not yet decided, it depends on how the work is going and how much money we have left.

The thing I'm most looking forward to at the moment is the weather probably due to the ridiculously cold weather in England at the moment (though I think it may rain quite a lot in Malaysia). I'm also really looking forward to spending so much time with Hayley (though I'm not sure she'd say the same about me!!). Obviously seeing all the sites and experiencing the different cultures is something that interests me a lot. I'd have to say the thing I'm most nervous about is the food as I am quite a fussy eater but I'll be alright, can always live off Rice and Noodles for 4 months!!

Anyway I think I've given a brief introduction into what the next year or so entails, I'll try keep this updated regularly to write about how all the above turns out!! My next blog should be in Malaysia, and will hopefully have lots of interesting things about Kuala Lumpur.


11th January 2011

good luck dave and hayley
this is defo a good idea dave. i forget a lot of the little experiences that i had out there so you should try to write on here every week or so so that your memories are fresh. i would probably suggest looking for a job in melbourne instaed of sydney as its a lot nicer and a lot more fun in melbourne and its a massive place so there will be plenty of jobs. good luck guys and i look forward to reading about how you get on.
11th January 2011

Well done David,I can certainly sense the excitement,looking forward to reading your next Blog, "Good Luck to you and Hayley".xx
11th January 2011

Already missin ya
Will keep posted to your blog Dave, so make sure you update it regularly! Hope you have a ggggggggggggggggreat time!! PS - don't update us on the train journey to Stansted - just the exciting parts will do.
17th January 2011

Thanks PJ, the reason we're going Sydney is its hotter for one as we arrive in the winter. There's also more job opportunites and Hayley has signed up to an agency that help get jobs in sydney. I'm sure we'll have a we'll visit Melbourne whilst we're there
17th January 2011

Thanks Auntie Chris, Em and Steve. Having a great time so far, will hopefully add a new entry in a couple of days once we have done a few more things xx
21st January 2011

"Good to Hear"
Really Pleased you and Hayley arrived safely, and you are getting on with the food out there (as was one of your concerns), and visiting interesting Places,(watch out for those hungry Monkeys) looking forward to your next Blog, "Happy Travels", Love Auntie Chris xx
28th January 2011

Hi there
Love your blog...get Hayley to get her finger out and send a message. Its snowing here in Washington DC, enjoy the great weather. xox

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