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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge May 8th 2017

Hi everyone, this is my first of hopefully many blog posts! I'm going on a trip to Sri Lanka in a few days and then on to see my grandparents in New Zealand a few months later, so I thought it would be good to have an online blog which I can add to :) I thought I'd add this blog post about my recent trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge to help me find my feet on using the site/blog. I went to Salisbury last month (work related). I've been a few times but never took the time to see the sights and I was interested in seeing the iconic cathedral and of course Stonehenge. There were a few tours available but decided to go with these which cost me £35. I would have taken pics ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge August 22nd 2016

Nice drive to Stone Henge today followed by a stop in the medieval town of Salisbury and the Salisbury Cathedral. Very impressive architecture on the cathedral and quaint old buildings. Stone Henge is amazing up close, pics don't do it justice, but we tried..... We popped over to South Hampton to have a look at some of the apartments Lynne Manages. Later we had fish and chips by the sea at Milford on Sea. Yum.... read more
Stonge Henge
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge September 2nd 2014

Stonehenge 2014 I finally took a roadtrip to see Stonehenge. You'd think since I was born and raised in London I would have seen this important historical monument already. But no, unfortunatly it was just never something I got around to, well until now at least! ;) I'd very much recommend pre-booking your ticket before you go there, because the queue for those who didn't was way too long (though it did seem to moving fairly quickly). On arrival you get given a little audio device you can listen to at your own leisure. Seemed to me that alot of people didn't bother with it but the information was actaully really interesting, hearing all about what's known and unknown about the the stones was fascinating :) There's a few other other things to see around here ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge July 11th 2014

I woke up around 8 this morning to catch my 8:30 tour with Madmax. Once I saw the bus and met our tour guide Tim, I got on. We drove for about an hour until we reached Stonehenge. It ended up costing me 12.50 pounds to get in as a student. They have a visitors center which is included in the ticket. They have a little safari looking trolley that takes you out to the henge, about a mile away. Once I got there, I got to roam around, but wasn’t able to touch the stones. Pictures make Stonehenge look a lot bigger than it actually is. When you look out at the scenery around Stonehenge, you see a lot of mounds in the distance. They are all burial mounds. In them remains of a human ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge June 14th 2014

Quick yearly visit to Stonehenge today just before the summer solstice starts!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge October 11th 2012

Let's start with Stonehenge. I can't believe I can now cross that off of my bucket list! It was so pretty in person. And huge! The tour provides you with an hour at the site, which is waaaay more than enough time to take it in. You basically walk around and take pictures from every angle, and then walk through a teeny little gift shop. I met a new friend (Alec, from China) who literally walked up to the stones, took a picture, and then walked right back to drop-off point. The audio commentary was pretty dry compared to the two History Channel documentaries I had watched before my trip. Yes, two. I like to research what I am seeing. There is far too much history/speculation/controversy surrounding Stonehenge to include here. On the train back, I ... read more
Freezing cold and soaking wet.
Cool shot.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge July 15th 2012

Today, we had a day full of history. First, we should visit Winchester, hereafter Salisbury and a final trip to Stonehenge. This day was a big highlight of our trip. First, Stonehenge, which I really wanted to visited when I was young. Second, Winchester. Who doesn't want to visit the city of King Arthur? So totally excited, we started our third day in England. The day started after breakfast and we left our hotel in Reading. Winchester was once the capital city of England. When we arrived, we first want to visit the Cathedral of Winchester. However, it was Sunday and a ceremony held, so we couldn't enter. The oldest part of the Cathedral is from the 13th century. However, we took a small walk around the Cathedral. Then, we took a walk in the Centrum. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge April 2nd 2012

Last Sunday I took a train to London and got up early Monday morning for a day tour to Stonehenge and Bath. Stonehenge needs no explanation, but Bath, in case anyone doesn't know, is a city in the southwest of England known for the Roman baths built on the site of a hot spring. Back in Roman times, its name was "Aqueous Sulis," which is Latin for "the waters of Sulis" referring to the Goddess deemed responsible for the springs. Later, the Brits took over and called it "Bath." I'd love to be around when someone from Bath meets someone from Wall and they have the "so where are you from?" exchange. Oh Britain. I found this day tour through Groupon, which many of you know offers mediocre deals on a variety of things and - ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge March 5th 2012

Six thousand years ago, Neolithic man started ripping big lumps of rock up and arranging them in a nice circular pattern. Nobody knows why they did this for sure, although I suspect that the reason was much the same as why we are trekking around the country looking at them: they wanted to see something impressive, and they wanted something to do. Perhaps the people of the late stone age left these for us to find as examples of the oldest waste of time known to man, the ‘team building’ weekend, or lifetime, as was probably the case with Stonehenge, which appeared to take around 1,500 years to complete before it was abandoned as a pointless and futile project, much like ‘The Public’ building in West Bromwich, if we are looking for a modern equivalent. It ... read more
Big Stones
Looking grey
Stonehenge from the other side

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge October 15th 2011

On Monday the 10th we went to a play called the Pitman Painters in the Duchess Theatre. We sat in what is called the stalls and that's the ground floor that is eye level with the stage. I've found that I like the seats that are on the first balcony because you don't have to look around other people's heads if you're short. I also like the feeling of being able to look down on the stage and seeing it from above. This play is by the same guy that did Billy Eliot so of course I was expecting great things. It was about a group of miners in the 1930's that wanted to take some art appreciation courses. They eventually become good artists themselves and have a couple gallery showings in which they become popular ... read more

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