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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Wakefield January 2nd 2021

Driving home for Christmas. It would be different in 2020. The shadow of COVID would mean for many the journey would not happen - and for others, it would be a very brief visit. London and the South East had been placed in Tier 4 just before the big day. Travel from the area was effectively banned, although nobody had bothered to enforce the message as a deluge of people desperately descended on St Pancras Railway Station in a bid to depart north before the last trains of the evening left. A scene reminiscent of a World War 2 evacuation before the Blitz unfolded. A few days previously, the South had been almost sniggering at the North as they enjoyed an almost normal pub life. Drinking in the then Tier 2 could continue, as long as ... read more
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Pontefract October 7th 2020

I wasn't really planning on being here. A number of decades previously, I had set off on the adventure, otherwise known as a University education and a group of us had decided to meet up in Manctopia to reminisce about our youth for a couple of days. Alas, COVID 19 got in the way of the plan (and just about everything else). The North West is pretty much in local lockdown, so it seemed pointless to expose ourselves to infection rates way above the national average. The 10 pm pub curfew wasn't exactly going to get the party started either. The 2020 intake of students had already hit the headlines. In the national press, it was billed as an illegal gathering in the grounds of Owen's Park. A visit from the local Constabulary, fines and ... read more
All Saints Church, Pontefract
Liquorice Bush Pub, Pontefract

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds November 8th 2019

The next few days were spent enjoyably hanging out with Uncle Walt, Simon, and Mom all around County Fife. However, the time had arrived for me to take off on an adventure of my own. I had made sure that Mom would have people around while I was gone. Even Cousin Fraser and Ally were coming up for the weekend, but I would be leaving the family nest. I was poised to cross off an item from my bucket list. The item? A visit to Elland Road and my beloved boys in white, Leeds United. The crew drove me to the Leuchars station in Simon’s rental car. It was sweet, Mom insisted on waiting with me on the platform until the train arrived. I tried to explain about my solo travels to places like Bolivia, Cambodia, ... read more
Heading to the Ground
Everyone Loves Billy Bremner
Kalvin Phillips taking a corner

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Hebden Bridge August 30th 2019

It’s the Lesbian capital of the North”. It was one hell of an opening line at 9.00 am in the morning as we emerged from our pub lodgings. It was issued by a smartly dressed elderly gent wearing a regimental tie and highly polished shoes. We loitered to hear more. The chap gave us a potted life history encompassing life in the Canadian army and canal boats in Skipton. A condensed story that would put any elevator speech spouting business executive to shame. His taxi arrived to take him to a church service in Hebden Bridge. His parting shot was “I’m in the hands of the Lord until 12, then I get pissed”. This is typical Hebden Bridge. The Upper Calder Valley (Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Todmorden) gets a good deal of TV coverage in the U.K. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Hebden Bridge August 22nd 2019

Things I’ve learnt (recently). We are not really in Hebden Bridge. The blog site likes it and it’s sort of close enough. The weather is always better in the pub. I should write Alla as Alla not Ella. I should blog prior to 2 pints of cider. That mud sticks. Take that how you like but really it‘s a hiking reference. Read the map and guide book twice and walk the route once. Despite how good I think I am I don’t walk on water or mud. And the Pennine Way? Well the pictures tell the story really. Not a long day but 42526 steps which translates to close to 21 km and I’m trying to think if any were not in mud, soggy grass, water or boggy peat. Yes, some weren’t but not a lot. ... read more
See it was worth it.
The start of my first full English in forever. (No fruit, no yogurt and no muesli!).
Serious business this map reading.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Haworth August 21st 2019

A couple of house keeping issues. We are in or near Stanbury and Ponden but they don’t rally register on many maps let alone travel websites. And I don’t have a proof reader and Julie has pointed out a few errors post publication. Sorry. Anything that does make sense just make up yourself. And great job Ella. Two people on the planet know that the ‘glorious twelfth’ is the official opening of the grouse season. Ella continues a rich tradition of taking out quiz questions and has continued where she left off. I think I dismissed her comment without sort of knowing so if it doesn’t post sorry. I’ve been chastened by Julie so I’ll never do it again. On that note. We walked past a hidden direction marker this morning and overshot the path a ... read more
Ready, well almost.
Pretty little place.
And that’s the Main Street.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Hebden Bridge August 20th 2019

Forty five and a half thousand steps. About 31 km, although 26.5 in theory. And another day on the Pennine Way bites the dust. And just a little hint don’t tell your sister that you finish in Hebden Bridge when in fact it’s 2 km further and every one of those steps is uphill. Didn’t matter that those 2 km were 2km we don’t have to walk tomorrow, just don’t do it. I was saved from physical harm only because I walk faster uphills and she could catch me. But a bath, a feed and a cider makes her human again and all is fine. We kitted up to start. Coats, waterproof pack covers, gaiters... because it was pretty ugly. Rain, dark clouds and strong winds. That combination on the moors is not good but when ... read more
There’s no such thing as a bad trig point.
She just keeps follow me.
Told you. She does.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Marsden August 19th 2019

When more and more moor is just right. Despite the fact we were wet and the unbelievable fact that our accommodation gave us a packed lunch without a box drink or any fruit we have had a delightful day. Julie’s mood has improved so much she is now only swearing mildly at me and only intermittently wondering why she came along to walk the Pennine Way. During quite a cloud burst another walker proclaimed that ‘the weather is always better in the pub’ - if only I can get that attitude into Julie! No really things are good here. More moor suits me although I think less moor would suit Julie better. But some of the scenery (and even the photos) more than compensate for the wet shoes, coat, pants and shirts we persevered with for ... read more
Around the spillway and through the forest.
Is that God laughing?
Up, up ,up and through the bracken.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds May 13th 2019

Hey, This is my first new entry in my travelblog before I set off to Brisbane next week. Added a few pictures from my npower leaving drinks. Keep in touch. Its been emotional... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Halifax August 13th 2018

This morning we filled the car to the brim with luggage for four before heading to The Kitchen in Keighley to have breakfast with Janet and Jill’s Aunty Kathleen. Janet and Jill are looking forward to going home, but will miss their family in Yorkshire very much. With several visits to this area under her belt, Janet drew on her local knowledge to suggest a couple of interesting things for us to see on the way back to Manchester. From Keighley we drove south on the A629 to Halifax to visit The Piece Hall. The Piece Hall was built as a venue for handloom weavers to sell the woollen cloth ‘pieces’ they produced.It opened on 1 January 1779 and featured 315 separate rooms, around a central open courtyard, in which the cloth merchants could store their ... read more
Piece Hall
Weaving Loom
Weather Vane

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