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June 3rd 2010
Published: June 3rd 2010
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Hey all,

due to some issues I/others were having on ballofdirt I have moved my travel blog on to this allows me to do a lot more (although I seem to have to become a programmer to format everything correctly.

So here's the story so far...

It's Thursday, I leave tomorrow afternoon! Our IT department has informed me that from Friday at noon my computer will be requisitioned from me and reprogrammed for our new starter - I guess that means I have executive permission from IT to leave, otherwise I would be sat around bothering people and interrupting their valuable and necessary work and we wouldn't want that. From there it is a quick nip home and goodbyes all round with the grandparents followed by a quick dive down the A1 to Stamford.

Its quite a strange feeling finally knowing that all of the issues that have conspired against our leaving have finally collapsed leaving only a week between us and Mexico City. If its not ash clouds and strikes that are affecting travel arrangements, Hurricanes and sinkholes in Guatemala might... oh and their increasingly active volcano!

Only a few things left to do apart from getting on the plane - some last minute essentials to buy (MOSQUITO SPRAY!!!), start dosing up on anti-malarials, put the car up for sale, and hope that my prepaid cashcard arrives before we leave! Anything else will have to wait until 2011!

My next post should be from Stamford or, failing that, MEXICO!

I would like to thank all the people that have helped me at Switch2 over my extended (initially 3 month) placement - I look forward to seeing you all upon my return and hope that you enjoy logging on from time to time to catch up with me along the way.

my kindest of regards to all,




4th June 2010

Yo Dude Just wanted to wish you and my buddy Sarah all the very best on your travels. Have an absolute ball. I am gonna miss you...especially the insults!! Make sure you bring me back a present from every Country!!! Shell..xx

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