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January 21st 2008
Published: January 21st 2008
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The First Few Days!!

Flying From Manchester to Delhi via Dubai.Then Off to Agra to see the Taj!

Hi All,

If any of you didn't realise me and Laura are jetting off around the world on friday starting in India.
Just a quick note to introduce you all to our travel blog and hopefully show you how it will work.
We will be adding entries every week or so telling you all what we're up to and including pictures of all of our adventures! You should receive automatic emails each time we add an entry to which you can just click on the link to take you straight to our latest entry.
It would be great to hear from you whilst we're away so just add your comments in the box after any of the blog entries to tell us how you're all getting on.

We hope you all have a great year (I know it will rather exciting for alot of you! e.g ,GH & Dave getting married, or is it Lucy I can't remember! Darren & Ellie and DK & Andreina also getting hitched, Souyave winning the booker prize, JB finding his perfect mail order bride!) Sorry that I'm gonna be missing all these huge moments but I'll be there in spirit!

Thanks to all of you who made it to our leaving do, was great to see you all.
The next you'll here from us will be after our arrival in Delhi on Saturday from where we plan to head on to see the Taj Mahal so hopefully we'll have some great pictures for you all to gaze at!

Thanks for everyones help and support, wishing you all a great 2008.
Keep healthy and happy.

Love Steve & Laura.


21st January 2008

Hey guys, sorry if I didnt say goodbye on Saturday - I was a little on the drunk side and cant remember if I did or not! Have a fab time and keep in touch!! Steve - drink plenty of water or you'll faint. Laura - Good Luck hun lol!! Hugs Lucy xxx
21st January 2008

I dont know if Im doing this right
sweet picture
21st January 2008

Thanks matey!! Tried to take up the whole picture but she managed to wriggle in somehow! Stealing my glory me thinks!
21st January 2008

Just go.
Will you not just buggar off and leave? I think we're all sick of saying goodbye by now! Also if fantasy football ends once you leave i think i'd be worried if i were you!
21st January 2008

Hope you both have a fantastic time. Very jealous! Rick.
22nd January 2008

Best of Luck
Hey Guys, best of luck with you travels. Sorry I couldn't be there at your leaving party. Hope you have the best of times together. Remember to send us lots of pics. Looking forward to hearing about you adventures! Loadsa love Zoe and Calvman xx
22nd January 2008

byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! have fun and remember Mulligan, pashminas are almost essentials so it's ok to buy them in lots of colours! xxxxx
22nd January 2008

Bye, sorry couldnt make it at the weekend. Have loads of fun, I'm not jealous at all... x
25th January 2008

missing you already
hey you two ... hope you got there safely. Hope you also got the note from Lola :) Cant wait to hear all about it .... love you loads and loads, big sis x
26th January 2008

When is it you're going? Have we got time for a party?

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