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December 18th 2011
Published: December 18th 2011
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Well somehow despite having money in the bank I've managed to stay in this weekend, not spent a penny either other than putting the lottery on in which I got the usual 0 out of 6 numbers!!

Can't say it's been easy to be honest, Friday was hard because there was confusion on whether it was mad Friday but I refrained, then Saturday I was tempted into going to a friends at the very least but was too tight to pay £13 in travel costs there and back so stayed in, the weekend was made easier by the fact my mates weren't going out.

The thing is though, whilst I've done well staying in and I would have saved about £100 this weekend instead this has to go on christmas presents, sods law really.

Last night I managed to stay in by watching a few films, watched Transformers 3 which I thought was really good, a part of it reminded me of living in Switzerland, they were wingsuiting in to Chicago, living in the Swiss Alps I made plenty of base jumping friends, I'll definitely be writing an article about base jumpers in a few weeks!

Missed another away game at the football today which is another hardship I have to suffer in order to go travelling, funny story of the day from the game though is one of our coaches breaking down from Manchester to London :D


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