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December 15th 2011
Published: December 15th 2011
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Wasn't planning on posting anything today but I guess it proves that I have too much time on my hands...

Bit of a poor start to the day today, woke up to an email from the medical trial company asking me to ring them asap, so popped the kettle on and dialled the free phone number, hoping it was just to confirm my appointment time tomorrow, alas no such luck, for the second consecutive attempt at attending one of these screenings it has been postponed due to them not getting final sign off, bloody typical, I wasn't fully relying on but it was a big factor. Looks like another has been confirmed that finishes 2 weeks later so I'll find out on Monday if I can get on that, just means I'm now looking at the end of February if I want to go with more money.

Coupled with that I'm starting to feel the strain of living with family, I've only been here a few months and I've not managed to save anything due to no constant work and the fact that I've been going out too much, that's my biggest concern is I'm always looking to be doing something.

Still not heard anything about the temp job that the agency convinced me was pretty much mine, applied for a part time job in the bookies and a part time job in dreams bed store, hey, it's not ideal but they're jobs and jobs that will hopefully keep my interest slightly more than what I've been doing since coming back from France.

Spent most of the day reading blogs as usual, but must say I've become a little disillusioned reading them , I haven't come across one in the many that I've glanced or read through that actually portray hiccups and bumps along the way of trying to travel or actually travelling.

Don't get me wrong, the hardship of a traveller is often mentioned but rarely does the emotion come through in the posts.

If you're anything like me, when you are reading up on a subject, you want to see it at it's lowest as well as it's highest.

If you continue to read (or more likely start reading at some point) this blog you'll certainly be going through a rollercoaster ride, my life is never short of adventure and it's certainly never simple, I'll tell you about the time I foolishly/dangerously jumped off a taking off ferry into the sea of Marmara in Turkey :D

Stay safe.


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