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December 14th 2011
Published: December 14th 2011
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Some people think I'm bonkers,

But I just think I'm free.

Sooo, when I first told people (mainly good mates) that I'm putting myself forward for a medical trial a bit of disgust, confusion and even fear swept across there faces.

I guess for your everyday content person who accepts societies recognition of what deems an acceptable path in life, doing obscure things to obtain money to enable you to flee your country of birth is bound to be considered out there, whereas for me it's just another way of getting things done faster (back to the I want it now generation), don't get me wrong I did have a little think about it before volunteering however I quickly realised that the benefits far far outweighed the potential problems that could occur.

So I got my documents through the post today, my screening is first thing Friday morning, I'm praying big time that I am healthy enough and I get accepted.

It's to help Asthma patients, the risk is very minimal, I read the potential side effects, there is less than what is on the little sheet you get in the paracetamol packet, happy days. If I get selected I make 4/5 overnight stays in the purpose built residential facility testing inhalers.

The question you're probably asking yourself is what do I get for my time, I could quite easily tell you that my main reason for doing this is because I could be helping some poor Asthma sufferer in the future so I'm doing it for the greater good, however that would be a bit of a lie*, my financial reimbursement for my time and inconvenience will be £1255 (I thought it was £1455 so either the docs are wrong or the website, we shall see, either will do me).

So you can see why I've got fingers and toes crossed that I pass the medical screening.

On another note, I've had no luck with finding temporary work today, had to sign on at the soul destroying jobcentre just to make sure some form of income is coming in whilst looking for work, wasn't the most pleasant of experiences as to be expected. Tomorrow I'm going to ring round the bookies, my mates just managed to get a job in one and they offer a lot of hours despite the low pay, walked past some of them today and was surprised just how many people were in them, it was 2pm and they were rammed, now I've been in the bookies in the past during the day on occasion and I never recall them being like this, certainly a sign of the current times.

So I'll leave you with this question, what lengths legal, illegal or strange will you go to in order to finance travelling or any desire that you have that requires a certain amount of money?

*Not fully a lie as when I found out that it was about helping Asthma sufferers I was really pleased, it's something that means a lot to me as it's the culprit in the death of my Grandma (mum's side), the whole reason I signed up to the place 2 years ago was I found it whilst looking at stem cell research as my other Grandma fell victim of Alzheimers.*


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