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December 29th 2008
Published: December 29th 2008
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Landed in Manchester an slept...and seemed ok..but then me and mum kind of made lunch at 1am!!! lol oops..but over the jetlague now tehe
went shopping today and bought boots and stuff, and when we went 2 the supermarket we actually bumped in2 loads of people we knew! thats so awsome after 13year tehe

some weird as words so far..'bouncing and donking' - apparently this is what dancing is called in a club!haha
- if you want a piece of bread, its either a 'bap' or a 'teacake'
- a dappy hat - some funny wooly hat that a gangster has a pompom on top and looks totally retarded, but apparently is really cool!

I haven't seen a single crappy car ANYWHERE! they're all audis and bmws...even the learner drivers have freakn mercedes - its insane!

oh oh, and on TV, there's mega super celebrities endorsing strange things like smoke alarms and insurance companies..i kid you not - Bruce Willis was in a posh ad 4 an insurance company..very strange.

the recession is super obvious here, Woolworths is bankrupt and have even resorted to selling the shelves and fittings inside. And all the shops have like 75% off an stuff, which is super for my shopping!tehe but yeah, they pay like 2 pounds for a small bottle of water (6 dollars) - its crazy.

absolutely loving it so far - going iceskating in the town square tmw and stuff, can't wait!



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