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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley May 23rd 2008

Just a really nice time hanging out with Nicky & Toby and family, watching Eurovision - why did Estonia not get through, that was a cracking entry! - (and the football, although I have to say that I wasn't paying much attention to that). Getting my head in gear for trip to Venice next week... looking forward to that, it all depends on the crowd that turns up on the day!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley March 1st 2008

A night to say our goodbyes, basicaly an excuse to get drunk! ;-) Warmed up in the Jack then onto Liquid Crawley, we feel a great night was had by all. Thanks for making it what it was, and we'll see you all again for another when we're home! x... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley November 14th 2007

Ok so its fair to say that we haven't even left the Uk yet and already I ran into one major snag! Just for future reference to you all, if like me you are really meticulous then when going travelling you would probably take photocopies of your passport to make life easier if you lose it whilst the irony of this story is those copies dont count for s*** if you walk away from the photocopier with said photocopies but foolishly leave the passport in the machine!! Obviously didnt realise this til monday nt when attempting to pack my bag....s***. Well the good news is somebody handed it into Crawley Police Station, the bad news is that at 11:45 monday nt they advised me that they had already posted it to Peterborough passport office!! Well ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley November 8th 2007

back in crawley waiting for the big off to peru!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley August 30th 2007

I dropped in to see Nicky & Toby for 'the afternoon' after sorting out various bits of paperwork, etc. back at the Manor... our evening meal out to celebrate Toby's birthday was slightly later than anticipated, so I ended up staying overnight... too far to drive when so tired, but it was an early start in order to be back to Suffolk to have my first Rabies jab on Friday morning... yes, I decided to splash out the £125ish after reading the Lonely Planet health advice...... read more
Toby looks SO impressed!
Working out that 5 candles IS meaninful!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley July 19th 2007

Hi everybody! we have made it to a sunny england.... We arrived yesterday morning after a loooooong flight. We had no problems coming through immigration which was a big relief and we got picked up by our friend Theresa's mom and boyfriend at Gatwick. So we just relaxed at home with them all day and went for a walk last night with the dog to see what the town of Crawley looks like. It's a pretty old town in West Sussex and about an hour from London by train - it is about 5 minutes to Gatwick Airport. We spent today exploring the town and the FABULOUS shops - they are all having summer sales!! - and then had a picnic in the Memorial Park. The weather was lovely and sunny today and we are ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley July 1st 2007

Hi Everyone Sorry it's been a while since our last Blog but we have been quit busy.... Terri, Sarah and terri mom charmaine were in training for the race for life a 5km fundraising event for cancer research... it was a great day fun was had by all sarah and terri ran the whole way on the hilly and challenging route and both came in with very good time sarah finished in34min and terri came in just behinde with 38min run she did very well and leondre's very proud of her... she didn't think she'd beable to run the whole way and she kicked butt... after the race we had a picnic in the park where the race was held and later went to the mall on the way home... And the big News so ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley May 24th 2007

So, Monday evening, I arrived at the Robinson’s, ready for a good catch-up. Nicky & I have been friends since History A-Level, when we did the typical British thing of all starting to sit down one-seat between everyone, and decided to be more friendly than that! I’ve since been bridesmaid at Nicky & Toby’s wedding, and however long our gaps in communication may be, it’s forgotten as soon as we meet up - and now the children add an enjoyable dimension to the visit - it’s lovely when they’re so obviously pleased to see you - even if the youngest wakes up screaming about 5am! Bit wary about putting children’s photos on site, so… Tuesday there was a ballet lesson at Drusilla Duffill’s in Burgess Hill - would you believe I used to go there til ... read more
Burgess Hill
Burgess Hill
Hee hee - can't get enough fast enough!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Crawley July 17th 2006

Geo: 51.73, -1.17323Exhausted when I landed in Gatwick. Stayed in a town called Crawley; the hotel was older, but had some character. It reminded me of the hotel I stayed in two years ago in London, but this one was not as dumpy. Walked around town for three hours; lots of shops. I guess it's not the worst place to spend a few hours, but I wouldn't return. I ate lots of food today, probably because my whole rhythm and schedule is messed up. The walking kept me awake at least, but my pedometer is broken! Cheap Wal-Mart junk! Speaking of which, went to the "ASDA" store - it's owned by Wal-Mart and advertised as such, so why not just call it that? You know what they say ... if it looks like crap and smells ... read more
The owner of the George Hotel

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