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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester September 8th 2021

Still glorious weather today but forecast warned that it would come to an abrupt end this evening (and it did). Making the most of the lovely sunshine we set off first to the stately home only a couple of miles from the campsite .. Stansted Park. First thing we spotted was that the house was not open until 1pm and it was a good 2 hours short of that. Second was that this is really a rather commercial enterprise with garden centre, farm shop and the first gardens we came to, taken over by a very busy restaurant, tea room. We had a walk round the gardens we could access but decided not to wait for the 1pm opening and instead got on my phone to prebook us entry to somewhere else. An excellent decision as ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester July 30th 2020

Dear All Greetings from London! Since I wrote my last entry on my explorations of the Peak District whilst spending the first two weeks of my holidays in Sheffield, I have returned to London and have enjoyed the subsequent three weeks of my holidays here, hosting my wonderful family for visits. This has been a wonderful time, and having been able to spend time with them has certainly been one of the positives that has come out of this tricky situation. I also managed to fit in a day trip myself from London to a nearby point of interest, which I enjoyed very much, and which I will write about here. But first, just a bit of background on where some of my summer travel planning this year began. When we first went into lockdown back ... read more
Thatched Cottage
Chichester Cross
Chichester Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester May 31st 2018

We decided to visit Chichester on 17th May. There were frequent trains between Petersfield and Portsmouth Harbour and Havant and Brighton. From Petersfield we had to change at Havant. It took 50 minutes to Chichester. Chichester is one of the major cities in Britain. As we walked towards the city centre, we found a wide variety of shops and restaurants – Greek Restaurant; Wagamama, Japanese restaurant. We turned left on Canon Lane and approached the Cathedral via St Richard’s Walk. St Richard’s Walk was decorated with flower beds and led us to the cloister of the cathedral. Chichester Cathedral showed fine architecture in both the Norman and the Gothic styles. It was a free entry to the cathedral. This magnificent cathedral has stood at the heart of Chichester to more than 900 years and presents both ... read more
Chichester Cathedral
Roman Mosaic in Chichester Cathedral
Market Cross

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester April 11th 2015

Zbliżamy się do miasteczka Chichester,portu założonego przez Rzymian, z daleka widać wysoką wieżę sławnej katedry św. Trójcy. Do katedry zachodzimy od tyłu przez ogrody należące do kościoła. Ogród nie zrobił na mnie większego wrażenia, ale na pewno jest to miłe miejsce, by usiąść i odpocząć. Natomiast katedra owszem. Chichester Cathedral wzniesiono w 1075 roku. Łączy w sobie style normański i gotycki. Przez historyka architektury Nikolausa Pevsera została nazwana „typową angielską katedrą”. Mimo, iż brzmi to bardzo zwyczajnie, od innych tego typu budynków odróżniają ją dwie rzeczy – wolnostojąca dzwonnica oraz podwójne boczne nawy. Wieża świątyni wznosi się ponad jej zielony dach i jest widziana z odległych miejsc w hrabstwie West Sussex. Stanowi punkt orientacyjny dla żeglarzy, a cały budynek jest jedynym teg... read more
Chichester Cathedral Bell Tower
Chichester Market Cross
Chichester Cathedral - gobelinowy ołtarz

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester September 27th 2014

Having spent the summer working in the stunning Haute Provence we are about to set off on our next adventure. The last week and a half has been great fun, catching up with family and friends. However, we are now in the phase of building piles of clothing and kit, from which we will select what we need / are able to take, given that in amongst the 12 flights that feature in the trip some will allow us just 20 kg of luggage. The flights, along with trains, coaches, boats and camper vans will get us round Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, then east Coast Australia from Cairns to Adelaide plus a weeks road trip up to Alive Springs, via Uluru. We will be away for 10 weeks altogether, so needless to say the excitement is ... read more
The Gorge Du Verdon
Bad weather day!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester January 21st 2013

I was hoping for a weekend of bright blue skies and sunshine, but we got snow on our winter beach weekend in Selsey. Which was just as lovely! Mum and Dad who are over visiting for January and took the family away for a long weekend. As the weekend approached it became clear it really was going to be a wintery weekend with snow storms hitting right across Europe. Rather lucky we hadn't booked anything that needed a plane ride and that we weren't going north as we would not have left London. In the end our trains were only delayed around 90mins on the way down and back so not too bad considering. The beach house we stayed at was perfect, 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms and a large dinning/living space. It was called Lands End ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester April 21st 2012

Look at me - I got into the rain filled copmost bucket that Mummy and Daddy had accidentally left outside when we went on holiday. Daddy turned his back and I managed to get my whole arm in there and then as I was all dirty they let me have a little skiddle!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester April 14th 2012

I am so so happy I am in Chichester. There is something about this place that makes me feel like I'm home again. I have spent many days and many nights in Chi, and whenever I am back in this town, I can't help but smile. =) I have many friends here, many of whom I consider my second family. I am currently staying with my friend Jody and her roommate Giles (both who are awesome). I took the train from London and made my way to Chichester, which brought back many memories of what I used to do often back when I was living in the UK. She picked me up and we headed straight to the Chichester canal. I had no idea a canal existed in this town! It was quite nice as the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester April 5th 2012

Firstly Hi! I'm James, right now I'm 21 and just in my last few weeks of uni - cannot wait to finish! I've been considering travelling for ages now but it wasn't until recently that my girlfriend - Paige decided it was something she would seriously like to do too so we said we would and So it begins... Right now I'm sat in her university library whilst she panics and writes her dissertation, I'm meant to be doing the same but what better way to procrastinate than planning an epic journey around the world!? Our plan is as follows...this time next year we shall be sat on a beach somewhere chilling and not have a thing to worry about...well sort of. In fact our plan is to leave the UK around mid March time next ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester November 21st 2010

Just after 9am Scott, Adam, Myles and I were heading south towards Chichester in West Sussex for a weekend of walking in the country side. We got a taxi to our Farm B&B at Chilgrove and from there headed out on our first loop walk. We followed Monarch’s Way over rolling hills, past a pen full of Turkey’s and through a wooden forest before reaching our lunch spot. A warm pub called Hare & Hound. The light was fading as we made it back to the B&B with no wrong turns, go the OS Explorer Map. The colours were amazing and the ground carpeted with red leaves, very pretty. The under floor titles and hot wet room was divine to thaw out before heading out for dinner at The Fish House. The restaurant seemed rather modern ... read more

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