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October 27th 2007
Published: October 27th 2007
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I'll have a pizza that!I'll have a pizza that!I'll have a pizza that!

So that's what a 20inch pizza looks like!
There was a time, not so many moons ago, that the mere idea of eating pizza again would conjoure up memories of a less healthy time in South America. But what's 6 months between friends? Living just a chip butty's throw from a massive fast food takeaway called Big John's (the Uk's first drive through fish and chip shop, you know) is a recipe for excess in itself. Then came their 20 inch pizzas!

I didn't think Glynn would be up for it after the seriously poorly tummies we suffered in Bolivia but there was no way on this planet I was going to manage such an enormous pizza all by myself - I know because I tried when we were in Florida a couple of years ago!!! It had to be done though and as you can see, the thing was bigger than a truck wheel and they had to cut it in squares instead of slices just so you could pick it up! I am pleased to report that not only was the pizza incredibly delicious but not a lurch was felt in either of our stomachs except for a slight case of over-indulgence. It took 2 sittings
Mine, All Mine!Mine, All Mine!Mine, All Mine!

Jude takes it all in her stride...
to munch our way through it and I can declare that we probably won't be needing any more pizza for another six months now :-)

Both Glynn and I have been busy settling in to our working lives and all seems to be going well. I for one, really like my job and the other new trainers who have just joined the team are lots of fun to work with too. Why is it that I land a great job right when I'm going to be leaving. Sod's bloody law, I tell you. Still, I got paid yesterday for the first time in one and a half years and boy does that feel good! Now all I have to do is supress the urge to run out and spend it all!!

A couple of weeks ago, we headed down to London for the New Zealand Expo. It's bascally a big round-up of companies from New Zealand trying to tempt people to move over there - not that we need any persuading. It felt wonderful to hear Kiwi accents again, to the extent we actually felt homesick for the place! We chatted with NZ Immigration and got some definitive
Harris Family PortraitHarris Family PortraitHarris Family Portrait

Here they come (back, front, l-r): Lee, Mary, Glynn, Jude, Keith, Audrey & Jason (but where's Jish??)
answers to our questions at long last. Alas the processing time for resdiency applications (which would be our next step) is in excess of 9 months but we can go over without this and apply when we are there, which is good news. We don;t have an exact date yet but end of Jan/start of Feb 08 will see us deaprting these shores for good.

Last weekend, Glynn's brother Jason and his fiancee Audrey came over to see us from Norwich. They are getting married in late March next year and we're gutted that we'll miss it. We had a lovely day catching up on everyone's news while me and Aud got down to some serious wedding and school teacher chat. Hearing her tales of stress and long working hours makes me ever-grateful I quit secondary education in favour of teaching adults. My job now feels like a hobby in contrast to my time in school!

So, there it is, all the newest news from the Harrises. How are you and what have you been getting up to?


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