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March 9th 2019
Published: March 9th 2019
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Final greetings to you all! Apologies if you missed the regular Friday post, my routine has changed somewhat recently!

It’s now been just over a week since I got back home, although it feels as though I’ve been home a lot longer than that now. I have enjoyed taking some time to have a rest - a lot easier not being with 2 children. We were down in Reading last weekend because Dad was preaching there, and it was lovely to stay with our good friends the Dorwards.

The past week I’ve been job hunting - been out into town most days. I was able to give my CV at a number of restaurants and shops and more told me I’d have to apply online. There was one pub type place next to Coventry Cathedral where they were keen to have me, and I had a successful trial there last night. It’ll mostly be evening and weekend work, but I enjoyed being a waiter and the staff there are really nice.

On Tuesday I went over to Grandma’s for breakfast (and then lunch) to help her start on packing things for her move. She’s getting married at the end of the month! Very exciting. I’m so glad to be here and able to help for that.

Things at the Beijing front have gone a little silent. I had some good communication with Bella at the start of the week about the boys and what to do with what I have left in their house. I’ve been trying almost everyday to set up a time to talk to the boys but they’re either busy or Bella doesn’t reply, which is a real shame. There is a member of Aupairia coming out to the UK on Monday which is really God-sent. She has agreed to help me get the money I managed to save out of China, as a Chinese bank card is pretty useless here. Because of the lack of communication from Bella I’m not sure if any of my stuff will make it back with her but we’ll see. Thankfully I didn’t leave much there anyway.

As to whether I’ll be going back, the answer is now a pretty definite no. Because of a big political conference in Beijing I wouldn’t be able to get a visa this month and to stay another 3 or even 2 months after that would mean I wouldn’t be able to anything productive here. It’s disappointing for me, and obviously for the family, but it’s the way things have turned out and I’m sure God’s got something planned for it!

I suppose this means it’s time to sign off! Thank you so much for following me for the past 6(ish) months and for all your prayers over the course of this adventure. I have so loved sharing it with you, and the encouragement and feedback you have given me has been very much appreciated! Who knows - maybe uni life will be interesting and I’ll find something to write about! But until then this is Simeon saying goodbye for the last time (*tear*).

Bye x


9th March 2019

Val and I have really enjoyed your account of the life of the unflappable Simeon Lapwoth in the orient. You will have left an indelible impression on the lives of a number of people in China, and we've learnt a bit too. God bless.

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