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September 20th 2018
Published: September 20th 2018
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Hi All!

So this is my first blog post ever - exciting I know.

If you're here I guess you have some idea of what's going on, but I thought I better give some outline anyway as a sort of introduction 😊

Basically, I'm going to be spending 6 months au-pairing in Beijing. I'll be staying with a Chinese family who have two boys - Tyler (9) and Robbie (6) - taking them to and from school, giving them some informal English tutoring and generally spending time with them. Whilst there I'll also be having Chinese language and culture lessons at the Beijing Foreign Studies University which should be interesting! The agency who've set this up is called Aupairia, and they'll have a number of au-pairs in Beijing doing the same thing as me at the same time, so hopefully I'll be able to make some friends.

I'm not entirely sure what the internet situation will be due to the Great Firewall of China, but I'll try to keep this updated. At the moment I'm thinking an entry every one or two weeks, but we'll see how things turn out.

Thank you for your interest in this! Your thoughts and prayers for adapting to the culture, developing good relationships with the boys and family as well as learning some Mandarin would be much appreciated!

Hopefully catch up soon,



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