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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham May 9th 2011

I only have 13 minutes left on this comp, so tis is going to be a shortened version. (I have to pay a pound a minute) Day 1: plane was delayed 3 hrs and 10 minutes due to a medical emergency. had to divert to Iceland (on my list of places to go!) So I hung out w/ Dean and friends at Mcabes Pub in aurora instead of sitting at the airport for 4 hours. left denver at 11 something? British airways planes are crazy awesome!!!! 1st class is unlike anything I've ever seen! I cant even describe it. It was much fancier than US flights. slept for about 6 hours!!!! so time change isnt bothering me. missed dinner (not vegan friendly) and missed breakfast (was sleeping) arrived in london 330 ish pm. stayed in airport ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham January 30th 2011

Darren and I have a travel blog ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham September 30th 2010

well, the blogs set up, the route is planned, the tickets are bought, the visa's confirmed, 7 days to go and we are off! big boys abroad ( tour name still to be decided), suggestions welcome!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham September 26th 2010

Hello! I just want to start by inviting you all along on our RTW trip! We are both very excited, and hope that you will travel with us along our journey, by checking in to our blog! Well, i say OUR blog....It is 10.41 and I am sat at the computer typing this whilst mark is still this how it will be for many days to come! (I am not sure how many entries you will get from Mark, but I will try to keep you up to date!) Many jobs still to do before we actually set off, including trying to ram all the last bits into the be honest it wil be a miracle if I actually make it to Heathrow, mine weighs an absolute tonne! I think I may need to ... read more
Mark- reluctant to pick up his rucskack!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham September 3rd 2010

Friday 27th August 2010 We finally left the country starting in style drinking champagne on the Euro Star and everything was going swimmingly! Our overnight journey from Cologne to Berlin was not a sleeper though. Just as we was about to spread out and get some shut eye others boarded and were booked on the spare seats in our compartment! This then involved some interesting positions trying to sleep! Saturday 28th August 2010 Arrived in Berlin at about 5am in the morning and managed to sweet talk the person at our hotel/hostel which was ace (and right by the sation) to let us have our rooms - o after he sent us to some mans room by mistake tehee! He was very confused as to why 4 women had just walked into his room lol. We ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham August 18th 2010

Day one We left for the airport about 6pm for the flight time of 9.30pm   Check in pretty easy and the only thing to do was to occupy our time for the   next three hrs. Unforunately our first meal was a typical greasy burger king and our first drink was from the classy birmingham airports local   weatherspoon. Travelling in style..... and the reason why I ordered a pims.   After checking the exiciting a-z books in the weathers. Classy. I managed to find   some more change. So more get nicely pissed for the plane   journey. The plane journey was fine watched shutter island.... Which rohan and   sean recommend. Brilliant choice. Of course it was. Their judgement is   hardly ever wrong on films. Food wasn't brilliant but I have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham July 9th 2010

Hello everyone! It's tea time here in England and I am sitting in my friend Lynne's House in Beenham, England which is a little town of about a 1,000 people just outside of Reading. I arrived here on the train last night about an hour and a half south of Coventry. I grew up with Lynne's children in Toronto and she and her family have invited me to spend a weekend here with them as my course takes a pause for a few days. I am sorry to have not updated sooner, my course is busy and the internet isn't as accessible or as cheap and I have been enjoying the sights in and around Coventry. Since I last wrote we have been on a few adventures. After our trip to see the performance at the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham June 26th 2010

the best place in the world is defanetleyby far the best country i love london its brill and the buildings there are greaaat ikt the best city in the world what a great place... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham June 25th 2010

hey i think tat the main cities of the world are york 4.los angeles 5.hong kong i like new yew york but i really dont see the why people think its the best city... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham April 9th 2010

Friday 9.4.2010 day 177 We sold our car, it got us all around Europe 32 countries in one car! Today we set out to sell our car before we fly out or Europe and to Canada. We had it for 5 months and we did 22,000 miles and 32 countries. We paid about £3,000 for it and we sold it for £1,500 we could have got more if we sold it privately but we did not have time to do that £1,500 for the time and Miles we did is very good I think. We could not have hired one cheaper and having our own car made it easier to get around. The only money we spent on it was £10 to make it ready for EU and about £470 on a service and new tires. ... read more

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