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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham August 30th 2014

A visit to Birmingham (also known to the locals as 'Brum'), the UK's second largest city, probably does not figure on many tourists' schedules when visiting England. It's had a tough life. But there's no reason for it not to be on the itinerary and the local tourism machine now promotes a 're-invented and reinvigorated' city. If you look past the very impressive 'Bullring' shopping centre, by no means the 'largest' or 'newest' in the UK but something of a local icon of which the locals are very proud, the city has plenty of history and culture on offer. In particular, in a city which was at the centre of the industrial revolution in all its gritty glory, you might not expect to find the most modern and largest public library in Europe. Built with some ... read more
Library exterior
Birmingham Library - or the Starship Enterprise.
The Brum 'Golden Boys' who made the revolution possible

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham June 25th 2014

Current Mood: Sad to leave. Happy 3rd Birthday Josh xx Love you mate! After a Fun filled Six weeks of hanging out with the lads, eating with my Family and wondering back and forward from wales it was nearly time to say goodbye to everyone and head off to Koh Tao for another Dive Course. Yes that’s right guys I was getting my head back into the books. Before the tears though we would have one last bash. This would come in the form of a three year olds birthday party. Planning had been going on for weeks. There was a tonne of food. Dad brought over a box full of samosas from his Alum Rock buddies, everybody turned up with boxes of beers and I was to be in charge of the BBQ. As per ... read more
Harry, me and Kieran
Extended Brothers, Sisters and Babies with other halves
me and Kieran

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham May 30th 2014

Current mood: Feeling Loved. Since 2006 when I left the UK I’ve travelled through and wrote about towns and countries spreading from Beijing in China to Bali in Indonesia. I have Looped Australia and Quaked in NZ but I’ve never had the opportunity to travel or write about any adventures in my good old Home Country. So after a few visits from my family to me in Australia I thought it time to get off my arse, onto a Qantas Business class flight to the UK and get about exploring good old Birmingham and its distant surrounds. The Business class flights are officially the end of my being able to travel haha. We have to try it once in our lives though I guess. Typically the simplicity of packing up my scuba gear and jumping on ... read more
Keeping up with my fluids
Zacs new Bird
P and Me at Nightingale pub. whooooda thunk it

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham April 3rd 2014

It's currently 9am and feels like I've been up for hours already although I suppose I have after the 5am start. We got a taxi to the train station and caught the 5.38am train direct through to Birmingham international airport. Kerry was already on the train getting on at Shrewsbury, and myself and steph were greeted to this woman in a bright pink hoodie waving at us from the other end of the carriage when we jumped on. The train journey was uneventful and half an hour after arriving at the airport we'd managed to already be the first to check in, get through security (search free for once!) and were sat in wetherspoons ordering breakfast. No beer ordered just yet! So far there's already three things I know I've forgotten, a mirror for my contact ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham June 27th 2013

Ollie is sitting on the drive snoozing away while we have started to plan and organise our next phase of travelling , the ferry is booked , Ollie is booked for a check-up, we know what currencies we need to order and we have to get our International Driving Permits. Woolly says – This meant a trip out to the second capital, Birmingham. It’s amazing how many people you meet when travelling that think we come from Birmingham, living nine miles away it seems that they club us together, I am a Yam Yam. The Black Country is proud of it’s traditions in glass and industry, having made the anchor for the ill-fated Titanic which set it clearly on the map, it is also known for its diverse accents and dialects. They are something to behold, ... read more
Birmingham Cathedral
it's a bit small!
Council House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham May 23rd 2013

Of all the places in the UK to blog about, Birmingham seems a strange choice. The second biggest city in the UK but famous for not much. “More canals than Venice” is the oft quoted tagline but then Libya probably has more sand than the Seychelles and I know where I’d rather go. Many superlatives are often attached to this city though usually in the negative. I actually find the accent quite endearing and some parts aren’t that ugly. Many people wondered why the hell I was moving here and many of those were from here. So, having travelled to and lived in countries just because they have great mountains, and having moved on from countries because their towns are ugly, why move to the flattest, least aesthetically pleasing part of Britain? I have never written ... read more
Birmingham Uni
Birmingham Town Hall and Victoria Square

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham May 6th 2013

The 'onwards and upwards' trajectory leads us to the 3rd and final full day of the trip, and the last of the 3 rhythmically-sounding blog entry titles. An overnight stay in the cathedral town of Gloucester proved to be a strategic choice, as I was indeed creeping homewards in various short hops, and the challenge here was to see the best of Gloucester in the space of just short of half a day. The cathedral is far and away Gloucester's most single prominent feature, and its grounds offer the visitor ample scope for viewing this magnificent building from virtually any angle. A few representative photos later, and I was back in the thick of the town's shopping streets, realizing that there was more substance to the town than originally meets the eye. Finishing the trek at ... read more
The cathedral (Gloucester; England)
The city centre (Birmingham; England)
Redbrick architecture (Birmingham; England)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham April 11th 2013

A lovely weekend of spiritual activities at Birmingham - more to come. Mainly photos for the present.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham April 8th 2013

Welcome to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens ! I discovered these gems of Botanical Gardens two years ago after attending a fair at the Birmingham NEC and was I in for a pleasant surprise ! They are of course much smaller in scale and variety than places such as Kew Gardens, though 15 acres in size, but they are definitely well worth a visit especially at Springtime. They are located in Edgbaston, a few miles away from Birmingham in a very leafy residential area. They were created by leading Gardener J. C. Loudon and opened to the public in 1832. At the time of my visit, the Botanical Gardens were holding a very interesting exhibition on the life and work of Charles Darwin. Here are a few pictures of my visit to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in ... read more
botanical 2
botanical 3
botanical 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham March 27th 2013

I have always enjoyed reading travel blogs. Most travel blogs I read are produced by friends who have the fortune of being able to afford the opportunity to visit far away lands. These blogs are mostly entertaining and I enjoy getting the views and opinions of these wonderful places from people I have enjoyed company with and who are good friends and people (I would like to just mention a friend called Oliver Nawrat, who's blogs have built an eagerness to go and visit Thailand, how you doing fella?). Apart from a few trips to Ireland, a wonderful trip to Ontario in Canada to visit family, and a fun trip to Austria and Poland to play football, My own travel resume isn't impressive. However, one day, I do wish to have the opportunity to visit some ... read more
star city birmingham
frosty jacks
a 115 national express west midlands bus

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