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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham April 15th 2006

Hey Everyone! Here are a few photos from the leaving parties I had! I'd like to thank everyone who came, I had a wicked time, too good a time on the Saturday which eventually led to me throwing up at Birmingham airport! Oh well! I've got lots more photos, I'll put them up when I get a chance. ... read more
Drinks and Jazz
Drinks and Jazz
Drinks and Jazz

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham April 2nd 2006

Another entry and another twist on the journey. This time I'm tapping out a mesage from an internet terminal on an indutrial estate back in the UK. I'm back in Britain and it's surprised me to be here. After all, I'd planned to explore more islands and then make my way to Malaysia. However, it seems fate has a different route planned for me and I received some news that made such fripperies as clothes shopping and bird watching seem inconsequential. My mom is very ill right now and it seemed the best thing to come back to England to try and be of use back at home. I have learned in a short space of time that we really have to take each day as it comes and be thankful for whatever we have already. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham March 20th 2006

I'm still in sunny Birmingham at the moment, and making some final preparations for flying on Thursday morning. I reckon I've got most things ready, but I'm sure to have overlooked something massive. Although this is likely to change dramatically, my rough itinery is as follows: * 24th March: arrive in Bangkok * Up to 2 months around Southern Thailand * 23rd April at the latest, Cambodia for two to three weeks * Early to mid May: Southern Vietnam, moving North for around 6 weeks. * Late June/early July: Loas for a few weeks * 23rd July at the earliest, Northern Thailand, moving back to Bangkok * 22nd August: Fly home It'll be interesting to see how accurate this turns out to be, but I'm hoping to stay pretty flexible (ho... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham February 27th 2006

Ok! So if you can read this, then I've got my head around how to use this program. That's a start and I guess I have to start somewhere... I leave on Saturday and I just received an email from my Malaysian, Saint Martins, street fighting friend, Lenny. By pure 'coincidence' he's going to be in Bangkok this weekend so once I touch down, I will meet up with him (hopefully!). What a nice way to arrive and to get acclimatised.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham January 20th 2006

Hello all!! My European journey began about a week and a half ago where I first traveled to England with Chris and met up with Genny (Genevieve) in London. So far it has been an awesome experience! We stayed in London for a few days and then headed to Leicester (pronounced Lester - weird English people!) and then to Nottinghamshire (the home of Robin Hood). Currently we are in Birmingham and we will be heading up to Liverpool (where my dad studied and where my sister was born) in less than an hour.... read more
Peter Pan in Hyde Park (London)
Big Ben at Night
Cemetery (Nottingham)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham January 6th 2006

Return to Brum I went to Birmingham for the weekend to catch up with my old workmates and housemates. I flew in on Friday evening and met up with Dave, Chris, Bob & Mitch in the Briar Rose. Later we walked to Broad Street to have a curry and then back to the city centre to Red for our cheese course. We were slightly disappointed with Red as it had turned into more of a club than a late bar venue. There was a new dj box and a guy playing the bongos (not that you could hear him over the music). We stayed for a drink and then decided it was time we retired for the night. I caught a taxi back to Stafford with Dave. Dave thought he'd forgotten his keys so we had ... read more
Col, Sparky, Kate, Tamps & Alex at the Garden House
Chris, Bob,Mitch & Dave
Dave & Bob in Bombay Mix, Broad St

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham November 6th 2005's always good to sleep in your own bed once again and not crashing on someone's floor. :) Although I am very good at sleeping just about anywhere, a bed with pillows and familiar blankets and things is way more inviting. This weekend rocked! I have never been to a more mellow frisbee tournament. It was fantastic and everyone had a great time. (BEWARE: this is a gigantic entry) We left at 7:15am on Saturday, 5 Nov and headed to Birmingham's NIA (Nat'l Indoor Arena) for Indoor Regionals. The setup there wasn't so fantastic, the tourney at Clifton was much better (and closer) but I at least got to see part of B'ham! It takes about an hour and a half to get there from Nott'm but it wasn't too bad a drive at all. We ... read more
Fling 3
Fling 1
Random Fling

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham October 12th 2005

Wednesday; our trip to Birmingham. Alison and Peter hired us a car for a few days, which was awesome! We had a Renault Megan (the ‘Baby Got back’ car). The car was great, and brand new! It had about 17 miles on the odometer. Mick had previously won an Ebay auction, and was now going to pick up his loot from Birminham, so we set off on a day trip. The weather was pretty miserable that day, and we arrived down there about school out time (traffic). We had by now discovered that the best driving combination was me at the wheel (because I am the better driver!) and Mick doing the navigating (because I am the better driver!). This system had worked well in America also. Any wreakers (they call them scrappers in England) we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham October 6th 2005

Well, this is my first entry into travelblog, hopefully it will work. At the moment I'm laid up on the sofa at home with a gammy knee and a cold. It's less than two weeks now until I am due to leave, I'm not worried about the cold, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the knee will have recovered in time - word of advice to anyone wanting to go travel the world, don't have your knee operated on just weeks before you're due to go. As long as it doesn't stop me from taking advantage of the plethora of winter activities... Anyway, I'm not sure how this thing works, or how updates get sent to people that I actually want to read it, so I'm not going to write any more in case in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham March 7th 2005

Wednesday morning I was lying all warm and comfy in my bed. All of the sudden the horrible sound of the phone made me get out of my warm cinnamon roll bed(little Simpson’s reference there for those of you who didn’t catch it). It was Amber and she was going to go to Birmingham to go to the Cadbury factory with some people from her marketing class. I was content on sleeping and then writing my paper, but Amber wouldn’t have it and made me get my ass out of bed! We did the usual of waiting for the bus in the cold! Let me tell you how tired I am of that someday! The whole reason I was going to the chocolate factory was to bathe in the chocolate river! Ah... We get on the ... read more
Devil Cocoa Beans! Don't look at them too long they might kill you!
Damn Beans have their own Ville!
Scary cars we had to ride. Like the sign says exit! That means run the hell out of there!

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