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June 25th 2014
Published: October 13th 2014
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Current Mood: Sad to leave.

Happy 3rd Birthday Josh xx Love you mate!

After a Fun filled Six weeks of hanging out with the lads, eating with my Family and wondering back and forward from wales it was nearly time to say goodbye to everyone and head off to Koh Tao for another Dive Course. Yes that’s right guys I was getting my head back into the books.

Before the tears though we would have one last bash. This would come in the form of a three year olds birthday party. Planning had been going on for weeks. There was a tonne of food. Dad brought over a box full of samosas from his Alum Rock buddies, everybody turned up with boxes of beers and I was to be in charge of the BBQ. As per usual. Mom ordered an adult bouncy castle that Pierre and I were pulling off perfect 10 back flips on, Kieran managed to put his foot through the thing but it managed to last the day and fortunately even in my drunken state nobody got poisoned from my food.

Before all of the Guests arrived though it was nice to be around the house drinking a few beers and preparing for the Mayhem. The bouncy Castle nearly didn’t make it. After phoning around all morning we eventually got a reserve and all was sweet.

As the guests started arriving I was straight onto the cooking. People couldn’t get enough. The rain we had early on was clearing and I seemed to have my work cut out for me. Luckily Casey was keeping me well hydrated. Once all of the snags and burgers were demolished it was time to get into the Party food and the atmosphere. Pierre and I in true form were getting pissed too early but some how managed to kick through it and make it to the end. Heaps of Aunties and uncles made it, Got to see Nanna Hicks and a few Cousins. All in all it was a fantastic day.

As the crowd Dispersed I sat in the Garden with a few stragglers on got onto the planning of heading out to watch England play one of the World cup games. I forget who but it was game two. Me, Harry and Pierre were the only ones to make it out of the door but we were to meet Deano Rich and Macca up at the local pub. Few more pints and a loosing England we decided to head home for some well earned shut eye. As per the Norm we were feeling rough but luckily for me it was Sunday again so I was on the hope of a Sunday Roast. No such luck i'm afraid. We were eating Party leftovers. Mom wasn’t in good shape hahaha.

Being Home for the time I was is never enough but it was still great to get the time with as many as I did. I Just hope you all come out to visit me soon. On the Final note to the party and my time at home. We got to grab a picture together that put me, Jodie, Kieran, Ashley, Danielle and Harry teamed with kids, all in the same room together for the first time in 15 years. Lets make sure this happens again a lot more. Love you all, as I do, Melissa, Sam Aaron Zac, and Calum! Though you lads I need for you to wait a few more months hahaha. Lazy Slack asses!

Miss you all. Hope the read is ok. Any pictures of the Party let me get them and I will add them at a later date.



21st October 2014

Miss you xxx
Aw that was lovely I miss you both so much tears here again ;( loves ya xxxx

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