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March 7th 2005
Published: March 7th 2005
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Wednesday morning I was lying all warm and comfy in my bed. All of the sudden the horrible sound of the phone made me get out of my warm cinnamon roll bed(little Simpson’s reference there for those of you who didn’t catch it). It was Amber and she was going to go to Birmingham to go to the Cadbury factory with some people from her marketing class. I was content on sleeping and then writing my paper, but Amber wouldn’t have it and made me get my ass out of bed!
We did the usual of waiting for the bus in the cold! Let me tell you how tired I am of that someday! The whole reason I was going to the chocolate factory was to bathe in the chocolate river! Ah... We get on the train to Birmingham and when we arrive we get to have quizznos for lunch! I miss that place and it reminds me of the old days with good ole Wilson where I would drag him there everyday for lunch! Amber and I split a nice tuna sandwich!
After lunch it was off to find the land of chocolate. I was all excited when I walked behind the Cadbury doors... I had no idea what would await me! I almost passed out from excitement! The brilliant thing is they hand you free chocolate right as you walk in (they should after the 9 quid they charge you to get in! We are student’s man! Little did I know of the rip off that lay ahead?!).
You walk into the first couple of rooms and it gives you a history of chocolate. It was very Blah! Then you continue to walk though mazes of history... I think somewhere in there I took a nap. The scary thing is I think they have been using the same exhibit as they did in the '60s. We got to see where the chocolate was boxed! Oh wow! We got in trouble for taking pictures in one part of the boxed area. I guess we look like constitutors who are trying to steal their boxing secrets!
After that they put you in these little cars and these posed cocoa beans sing "la la la la " over and over again. I was quite frightened! I took pictures of them to show you how scary the exhibit was. After the diaster of the exhibit we left and Amber's group had to find some crazy Cadbury worker to interview. Then it was off to the bull ring. It is this grand shopping center that is the place girls dream of! Amber and I walked around and then went and caught our train home. It was a nice trip to get away from Keele, have starbucks (yes the devil), and see posed cocoa beans! Hope you enjoy the scary pics. I can't look at them because it still gives me chills! OH NO COCOA BEANS!

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7th March 2005

That does look very frightening! - Lisa
9th March 2005

British Stuff.. . :S
Wow sounds like your having an amazing time! You def. should post a journal dedicated to the places to see in the UK. DO u have any advice on what to pack? Since I'm leaving in June and returning in Dec.. I have to pack for both summer and fall/winter.. Sooo I mean in vancouver I usuallt trek around in shorts and a tee for the summer.. Well if u have any packing advice let me know. Also, how'd u figure out the who Brit rail system ?? Let me know!! Nice talking to you Julz

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