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May 27th 2009
Published: June 14th 2009
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Day 7: Wednesday, 27th May 2009

A day return trip to Shakespeare's hometown, Stratford-Upon-Avon did not come in cheap. I had to slice $66 from my travel budget for the transportation. Another $24 was spent for the admissions to the three houses of the Shakespeare's family.

Straford was highly recommended by my great pal B who believed that I would fall in love with this charming town for its tudor style houses. True enough, the town did not disappoint as I devoted my entire day taking in the details of Stratford.

Armed with my Shakespeare's Explorer Ticket, I was at the Marylebone Station again this morning to kick-start my 2 hour journey. After checking the timings, I had missed the direct train to Stratford. Rather than spending the next hour stranded in London, I decided to stop by the town of Warwick to take a peep at the majestic Castle before catching a connecting to my final destination.

Set on the peaceful banks of River Avon, Stratford that greeted me this morning was pleasant. The stroll to the old town centre was relaxed as I wasn't pressed for time. I stopped by a local just to make sure I was on the right track to Shakespeare's birthplace.

En-route, I stopped by an English eatery for a taste of the famous Cream Tea. I remembered watching "王禄江's 优游天下" and there was this episode that featured the Cream Tea as well. I am a fan of the Danish butter cookies but the pastry that came along with my tea was simply too overwhelming for my liking. The jam was fresh though. I gobble down everything not wanting to waste my $8.70.

Most of the tudor style buildings in town were well-preserved and occupied by the likes of modern retailers such as HMV, GAP, Marks & Spencer, H&M and NEXT. I guess anybody would be attracted by Stratford even if they are not familiar with the background of William Shakespeare.

For me, my connection with the works of Shakespeare was limited to the "Mid-Summer Night's Dream" which we studied way back in 1995. Back then, we never learned to appreciate his use of certain words such as thy, thou etc.

I mean, "why would anybody speak in this manner?"

My best guess could be this was the standard used by playwrights in this part of the country some 450 years ago.

Coming from a neighbourhood school, we never fared well in our Literature tests or prelims. But a few of us were pleasantly surprised when we finally received our O level results in March 1996.

Me included 😱

I must thank my teacher, Ms T who really helped to make our Literature lessons interesting. And of course, Mr William Shakespeare for his enduring legacy for the future generations.

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15th June 2009

Hey dude, I enjoyed Ms Tan's lessons too. Literature is manna for the soul. The more you read, the better you write. I think you are becoming a pretty good travel writer. Continue plugging away. :)

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