Today I have so much to do that I have to meditate for two hours instead of one

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September 7th 2007
Published: September 7th 2007
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I'm always reminded of the above saying by the Dalai Lama when things get really busy in my life. I'm surprised how calm and un-stressed I feel a few days before departure, with moving out of my flat still ahead of me. Yes, I'm insanely busy, but I refuse to rush around - and a lot of that is down to keeping up my yoga & meditation practice religiously, together with plenty of sleep, good food and general self-care. There may be a storm blowing all around me, my flat looks like a bomb has dropped in it, but I remain relatively zen about it all. I am learning that letting go of panic can be a decision, even when I have a million things to do.

But generally that's also because things have gone to plan so far. Thanks to the wonderful Igor, my Russian contact who has slowly but steadily taking on mythological status amongst the town of Leamington Spa and beyond, I am now the proud owner of a Chinese visa. He got it for me, nonchalantly and without as much as a minor fuss, within two days, no questions asked. He's also been brilliant at booking all of my Russian and Mongolian train tickets, which would have been a nightmare without him, no doubt.

Talking of Russians, my father, the visionary Don Santo Stupia (
has voiced grave concerns regarding my planned trip to Pakistan. He has been asking my mother repeatedly to ring a Russian psychic who appears on German TV to ask for predictions for my trip. Things must really be serious if my father, who is resistant to all things spiritual like a cat to water, resorts to oracles and psychics.

Right now, I am tying up final loose ends. Persistance pays off, and after spending three hours at Snow + Rock in Birmingham on Wednesday, I managed to find some reasonably attractive yet practical (read: not hideous) travelling clothes. Who would have thought that I could get excited about a pair of brown Rohan corduroy trousers one day?! One more trip to another shop tomorrow, and I have all I need. Unbelievable - it all seemed so daunting when I first started: base layers, mid-layers, outer layers... it was all chinese to me. I also signed my will this morning, which was verging on the comical, as the solicitor clearly thought I enjoyed planning my funeral ceremony a bit too much. What does he expect? I'm a Priestess!

Earlier on, as I was deleting some old files from my computer, I found a farewell letter I had written to my house in Suffolk almost exactly three years ago. In the letter, I wrote something about needing to leave the place that had been my home for ten years, because other adventures and tasks were calling me. It's funny re-reading that now, because back then, I had no idea just how much my life was about to change. I just somehow 'knew' that I had to move to Leamington - a town where I didn't know a soul. The energy was just right - after unsuccessfully trying to move to Coventry (...) for months, I found a beautiful flat within minutes of setting foot into Leamington. I feel the same about this trip, I just 'know' that I have to go. And that's again the 'flowing energy' principle - when something flows, falls into place almost effortlessly, it usually means that something is meant to be. Yes, my journey took months of research and organising and networking, but overall, things couldn't have gone any better. Whenever there was a challenge, it was resolved through somebody who synchronistically entered my life. And I haven't even left yet!


11th September 2007

Blessings on your journey!
Tiz, my darling, wishing you a most glorious departure on your amazing journey! I will be in touch, sorry didnt write yet abt CZ, will soon!!! Lots of love, Hana

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