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Published: July 18th 2007
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At the age of 35, I am finally leaving the illusions of relative safety & security behind to travel the world. This has been a dream of mine for.... oh, probably about twenty years or so. But this is really the first time since I was a teenager that I am pretty much commitment-free. My twenties were marked by responsibility and commitment: I had my own business, property, a long-term relationship, a dog, two cats. Over the last five years, I slowly discarded all of those - I closed down my business; sold my house; split up with my boyfriend; my dog died; and my neighbours adopted my cats when I moved from Suffolk to Warwickshire. And in the process I discarded many layers: material, psychogical and emotional in kind. I am still decluttering - I'm giving up my flat, furniture, everything that's non-essential. It will be an interesting experience for me - The Queen of Many Things -, to be restricted to only a handful of practical items (how am I going to survive without my pretty dresses? 😊) and very few books. Well, on the latter I am trying to compromise.... I have visions of carting around my travel books in a little roller suitcase!


9th September 2007

Great party - what will be you most important book andwhy?
Thanks for the party last night - great music and good to meet up so many friends. Someone asked me who I knew from amongst the guests ~ and I counted people from five different circles / circumstances ~ three of which you directly or indirectly had a hand in bringing about. Thank you for that! So with youR trolley on wheels (or whatever it becomes over the months ahead) what is or will become you most treasured book and why? I look forward to hearing the highs and the lows ~ and as a friend says "the awesomeness of it all". Travel well and with good heart. If you see Brian along the way ~ give him our love. Jacky and I remember well the Inanna weekend and the time he spent with us. Jonathan CALM BODY ~ OPEN HEART ~ GENEROUS MIND
10th September 2007

Most important book
You're welcome! I'll be able to tell you more about my most treasured book as I am journeying... I am taking a few. The travel guides will be important, as will be Hermann Hesse's 'Morgenlandfahrt'. Watch this space!
20th December 2007

Winter Solstice
Thinking of you and wishing you joy! Cheryl and Dave xx
11th August 2010

your photos are soul's flights
Namastè! God blees you! I'm very happy to have met your website. Your photos are flights for Soul, allmost a photo of Shiva in meditation. It touchs me very much! So, THANKS from my heart! I need prayer like oxygen...and it is oxygen for the Soul ;-) I always thought that I wanted to pray like the sparrows in the sky: they sing all day and they are always connected and so they pray all day! Man, especially Western man, is disconnected and he believes to be the author of everything. The ego is the landlord and the prayer, if and when there is, becomes like a "alterante current", AC. My heart yearns to arrive when the prayer will be simply yoga: a continuous, uninterrupted connection! This is my Goal. Pray for me is floating without words and thoughts, it's being silent in Love. It is connecting with pure Love and becoming Love. It's feeling the Whole. It's being like a drop of the sea that loose itself to become ocean. Prayer is feeling no separation. True prayer does not require a particular place except the heart. Requires no incense, no temples, or other esterior things But actually in today's world, influences are heavy and impurities and ignorance are everywhere, so I feel that during the day I lose the "connection" and I have to concentrate again to return in my centre The only temple is our heart but the satvic company and sacred places help me very much with their vibrations. A huge aid for me is to meditate in nature Wonderful! I feel sometimes my heart burst in my chest when I meditate in front of the sea or nestled in a forest. And then the mind is silent, I feel the connection with the forest and the sea. The water flowing in my body is the same water of the river and sea. The calcium carbonate of my bones is the same as that of the stones and mountains. Basically prayer is for me "making in Love" with the Infinite. Unfortunately I still feel that places and satvic people are very helpful to my meditation. I dream to meet my guru day!!! It's much time that I'm looking for Him... I'd like to ask you one thing I'm leaving to Riscikesh, Badrinath, Devaprayag next end of August I know they are place to praying Lord Shiva but I usually pray Shri Krishna ... I love Shri Krishna and Lord Jagannath...and each form of God! Can you give me some information about good ashram there, or some strong place where go for praying? Did you found some true guru there? I'd be very gratefulln if you can give me some suggestion, I feel you are a Traveller, first by soul...after by feet! ;) Hari Om and thanks so much! I wish for you all the Best your soul really desires and needs! barbara

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