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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne August 28th 2019

I sit in the Free Trade Inn and gaze down the Tyne towards the city. A city built on trade and the river. The pub sits on an elevated site and has one of the cherished views in a relatively unknown area of the city. I can see the BALTIC, a glimpse of the Sage, the Blinking Eye and part of the High Level Bridge. We are a long way from the iconic party drinking scene of the Bigg Market and the Quayside and yet it is a mere stones throw. The pub, once the venue for workers after a hard days graft in the local industries is now home to the creative types and students who frequent this area, officer workers on their way home and the plain curious such as myself who appreciate good ... read more
Free Trade Inn
World Transplant Games 2019

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne August 22nd 2019

It had been an eventful weekend. A monsoon of deluge proportions had left parts of the UK under water. The M5 was a nightmare, even more so than usual. We were in Exeter for my nephew's wedding. The fingers were firmly crossed for a dramatic improvement in the skies or an outdoor reception might have proved an unfortunate choice. There was an element of Four Weddings And A Funeral about the day. The bride rocked up 10 minutes late. I was contemplating that I might sneak in the 2nd half at the local non league football about a mile from church as a contingency..... no point wasting a journey. We had plenty of mistakes from the vicar during the service, who was determined to give Rowan Atkinson - the "movie vicar" - a run for his ... read more

Once again we are off on a long summer trip. This time, the originator of the trip is a North Sea cruise aboard the Disney Magic, leaving from Dover, England. We decided to add on a few things to our itinerary and make it a full month trip. This trip has a unique feature. Michelle has her learners permit and is driving us partway to LAX. We left nice and early to have plenty of time for the trip. We were so early we decided there was time to watch Spiderman: Far From Home in Calabasas. The shopping center the theater was in had a big fountain with a multitude of turtles. One turtle was crossing the parking lot when we drove in so Tony jumped out and put him back in the fountain. The theater ... read more
Because... Disney
Luggage Woahs
VIP Hamster

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne August 31st 2018

”Ever been to Newcastle? North East of England. Very friendly people”. I was sitting outside a Quayside pub, quietly supping on my pint. There were 2 Italians at the next table. A serious amount of £20 notes were being exchanged between the characters. Wad after wad came out the pocket, were counted out and passed on. It was all very suspicious. A car sale? The proceeds of crime? There were the makings of a novel here. I then realised the idea had been taken. There will be one blog reader in Montreal, who will take note that I have been busy reading in the last few days. I had returned from my Saturday route march to FA Cup glory at Newcastle Benfield, full of glowing recommendations from my day out. “We could perhaps have a night ... read more
Molesley Street, Newcastle
Side, Newcastle
The Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne August 29th 2018

My preferred option for travel when in the North East was not available. The managerial wisdom in railway circles these days is trying very hard to convince the world that a local train without a guard is good idea. The rail unions obviously think differently. Driver only trains indeed. Result. Stalemate. Strikes! I can’t remember how many there have been or how long the dispute has been running, but this was the first one to seriously inconvenience my plans. I wasn’t too disgruntled, because I am in broad agreement with the union point of view. I say this as a passenger on a train where the driver overshot the platform by 10 metres, before the guard reminded him it was a bit of a necessity if passengers were to alight without turning into abseiling experts. The ... read more
Newcastle Brown Ale
Newcastle University
Newcastle University

For the last few years during the Summer, Mum and I would take a trip to London. This year I had planned something a little different: a trip to Newcastle. I’m a big fan of FRIENDS, the T.V show, and Friends Fest was being held in Newcastle during the time I was home. As neither of us had been to Newcastle and with FriendsFest on, I thought it would be a something different to our usual trip. Mum had no idea I was coming home let alone that I had planned a trip away. The day after I landed back home I took Mum out for an afternoon tea and gave her the tickets then. The flight was early morning, I drove us to the airport and an just over an hour later we were landing ... read more
Newcastle Upon Tyme
Orange Sofa!
Newcastle Bridges

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne December 20th 2017

Woolly says – The sky was dark and gloomy as our bus took us towards the centre of Newcastle, although I had done some research I had found little to go on, so unbeknown to the women it was going to be more of a stroll rather than a mission to find. I hummed happily to myself as we waited at another set of lights……. 'cause the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine, the fog on the Tyne is all mine, the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine, the fog on the Tyne is all mine’ The band Lindisfarne might be more famous for other tracks but this one was very catchy. I’m not sure that the other passengers were enjoying it quite as much as my small friend, but ... read more
The Castle
A fine resting place
Fenwick's Windows

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne December 19th 2017

Woolly says – It had been a quiet and uneventful journey from the chilly north to our next port of call, with a hazy sun in the sky and Christmas songs ringing in my ears my only disappointment was that my surprize for the journey wasn’t going to happen. Knowing the women’s love of all things Potter I had thought to stop at Alnwick Castle where some of the films were shot, being us however the website told me it was closed, having then investigated Bamburgh Castle as another option only to find that they had also barricaded their doors to all humans and mammoths. Hopefully the Beamish Museum in Newcastle would be welcoming us with open arms and pints of stout. I’m not sure he’s thinking of the same place that were heading to! Woolly ... read more
The Elephant Train
Pit Village Methodist Church
Passing on messages regarding the Aston Martin

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne September 24th 2017

Have been having Hotel Ennuie ...was in such a funk that I had difficulty being positive about the whole Newcastle experience. And that at a $325.09 - 189GBP price tag for four nights of sleep on s lousy mattress! The pic on line is extremely deceptive. The entrance to the place is smaller than my toilet at home. Going up the stairs over thick dark blue carpet loaded with spots and who knows how many years of street dust and dirt gives the place a weighted feeling. The darkness continues. The reception desk lies past the hotel lounge and bar... won't find me in there....dark dark dark. The receptionist is a lively young thing friendly, lovely and helpful. The luggage can be stored in the room behind the desk. THE CONDITION OF THIS PLACE, was to ... read more
 M&S Take-away
 Art Nouveau

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne September 21st 2017

Meeting the sister of my friend Dorothy was quite an accomplishment. Rita's son arranged email contact. Rita found me on the proper coach. The woman next to me offerd to move so Rita could sit with me but when she saw that Rita could only find a backward facing seat the woman rescinded. We went to the infamous hotel by taxi. That's a first for me! Because check in was not unti 11.00 we had time to wander about, ride the bus, walk up the hill, walk across four of the seven bridges. We had already gone over the railroad bridge when coming into the city. We stopped in at The Hilton to use the loo and eventually went to the hotel to unpack and get ready for dinner at Witherspoon's a country wide franchise offering ... read more
Afternoon Tea at Violets
The Swing Bridge

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