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February 11th 2006
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New Years EveNew Years EveNew Years Eve

Claire (the glamorous host) and I towards the end of our new years evening
Hello again beloved friends and family!
Welcome to those whose names have been added since the last blog was posted.

Yes, I know, it has been a very long time since I have thrown an update on here. For this I apologise. Not much exciting to report to be honest. Lots and lots of work keeping me busy. No traveling or major adventures until I get more work behind me. But, have had lots of people complaining that I haven’t posted anything for a while so here I am trying to come up with some exciting news to make them happy. Let’s see if I can come up with a group of little stories and random photos from the past month.

As you know from previous entries, I was homeless for the first few weeks here which made it very difficult to get settled. All of that has changed now and I’m feeling very at home - at work, with all the people I’ve met, and in the house I’m in. Have spent much of my time since the new year arrived working, but have still managed a few occasions of fun. Hmmm, lets think…

(1) New Years
Mrs CarterMrs CarterMrs Carter

The lovely lady who opened her spare room as a bed & breakfast when I was homeless in the first weeks here
Eve was a quiet night - very much preferred after such a raucous time over the Christmas period. I spent it at a local party with several of the great folk I have become friends with around the University. A lovely way to ring in the new year, playing drinking games and chatting about all sorts with some wonderful characters.

(2) Girls night out! I get along really well with my 3 housemates and the girls in the house decided I needed to be shown a few of the bars in this town, and so became our first girls night out. I was very grateful that our social calendars meant we were all free to head out on the evening that was (the morning of) Kirsty and Andy’s wedding in Oz. So, instead of sitting at home depressed over not being there to share in it, I was able to hit the town and have several drinks in their honour! And we were still home in time for me to call the bride-to-be and wish her the best for a fabulous day! Love you girl!

(3) Ice Hockey. Went to the ice hockey with a crew from the
Love the Aussie consumablesLove the Aussie consumablesLove the Aussie consumables

A very generous birthday gift from my Auntie and Uncle at home. Lovely lovely lovely.
university to see the local team, the Guildford Flames win once again. Apparently they’re on the top of the table and they sure are popular. We were surrounded by season ticket holders screaming very unoriginal cheers, and drumming away on drums that have obviously become a tradition. A fun night for something different. Has got me wanting to go ice-skating now. I wonder if my skills in that department would have improved over the last few years?

(4) Different event for this week? - an evening with the Russian State Ballet of Siberia. Claire (gorgeous French friend from the uni) organised a group of people who were interested in going to see productions of Giselle or Romeo & Juliet in a nearby town. Given that I knew the story of R&J inside out, I chose Giselle as the new experience for me. Lovely to get out seeing live productions again after so long, and so many to choose from over here. Given that there is a theatre practically across the road from my house, more visits to live productions most certainly appears on the ‘to do’ list.

(5) The blog immediately to follow this one will summarise a
Somerset in LondonSomerset in LondonSomerset in London

The beautiful ice skating rink set up in the weeks leading up to Christmas
big Aussie night out on January 26. Deserves an entry all of its own!

(6) Now the most exciting event of the current weekend…
… the discovery of Tim Tams in the local supermarket! We came home with 4 packets - what a house of piglets we are! Have my English housemates hooked on them too! Nice work Arnotts!

Well, not a fantastic blog entry but will be sure to try harder from now on.

Missing you all and enjoying all contact I am able to have with you, whether emails, text messages, phone calls, or even see you via webcam. I really do appreciate all your efforts to keep me feeling in touch with home.

T xx

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Girls night outGirls night out
Girls night out

Me and housemate Cath enjoying the cocktails that really got the night going.
Housemate #2Housemate #2
Housemate #2

Charlie enjoying our night on the town
That aint the national anthem I'm used to!That aint the national anthem I'm used to!
That aint the national anthem I'm used to!

The ice hockey players saluting the queen before the match
an evening at the balletan evening at the ballet
an evening at the ballet

Is it really necessary to announce the purpose of the curtain so obviously?
Webcam chatWebcam chat
Webcam chat

Kirst and I catching up over the wibbley wobbley web

11th February 2006

Hi there
Hi Trace, so glad you are having a great time, but is there any work getting done ???. Take care, looking for your next update. xxx
12th February 2006

the travels of Trace
Don't feel obliged to create all travelblogs as masterpieces. Any bits of info and pics are appreciated. Certainly a great step forward in communication. Remember the "old days" of postcards?? Love, Ian and Ruth
12th February 2006

Hey Trace
Glad to see all is well our plans are fairly laid out now can't wait to see you!!! miss ya lots BTW Charlie is hot!!! introductions are required az
12th February 2006

First thing I thought of!
You know the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo of Charlie is that Az will want introductions when he gets over there!! He, he, he! Predictable! He, he, he! ;)
13th February 2006

Hi gorgeous Trace! Its great to hear about all your exciting adventures! Thanks for keeping me up to date! Take care and have fun! XXX
13th February 2006

I concur
Yes I to concur about Charlie hehe. Good to see it's all good for u Tracey, see you in about month CAMO xoxo
17th February 2006

Claire look-a-like
Hiya Trace! I'm Big M.. i can't see myself in Claire but i try not to look in the mirror much so your ma could well be right! Any travel blog is a good one, mate :) you posted that pic of Charlie just for the blokes didn't you? such a generous soul. take care xx

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