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November 29th 2008
Published: November 29th 2008
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That’s it...our time in Guildford is over (except for Daniel who has to go back to collect his bike).

It’s kind-of sad to leave as we have really enjoyed our time over here, and could happily stay (for a while longer), but at the same time we are looking forward to coming home to see our family and friends, and coming back to the familiarity of NZ with our house, and our things around us.

The week was rather uneventful, I again did no work, and Daniel did lots of work.

I made some lollie cake for our office shouts, along with getting other NZ food - crunchie bars, pineapple lumps, jaffas and the like.

Daniel’s workmates were sad to see him go and offered him a full-time job there, several times!! They even took him, and everyone else, out to the pub in the afternoon and then past another factory to have a look around. Daniel finished up on Thursday so that he could spend Friday packing up his bike and the last of the things around the flat.

I had my last day on Friday, we went out to the pub for the usual Friday lunch, and they had a small presentation in the afternoon. I got presented with a pile of Baker Tilly branded stuff. The boss didn’t even know what half of it was and told me I could leave whatever I didn’t want in the office. So I ended up with a cup, 2 t-shirts, a hat, a bag, a key-ring/bottle opener, a bottle of rum and this contraption which I’m not quite sure what it does but I think it might be a charging device for i-pods and cellphones.

So we packed up our stuff, dragged our really heavy suitcases through to Harwich and got on the boat back to Holland.

Back on the trains we ate our healthy, but yummy breakfast of peper noten (for those Kiwi’s reading these are a small button-shaped Dutch biscuit). It’s quite funny being back in Holland because you hear all those little familiar Dutch phrases that our parents and grandparents say like, ‘so’ when they sit or put something in place, and ‘eet smakeligk’ when you get your food.

We’re now at Aunty Margareth and Uncle Albert’s house where we just enjoyed a true Dutch meal (Chinese) with my cousins
The Guildford Christmas LightsThe Guildford Christmas LightsThe Guildford Christmas Lights

...good-bye Guildford!
and their families.

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Office workmatesOffice workmates
Office workmates

enjoying Kiwi tukka
The most beautiful family in the world...The most beautiful family in the world...
The most beautiful family in the world...

...Aunty Margereth made me say that...hehehe!

1st December 2008

So now its all over.Abit sad is it not?But we look forward to having you back. Doe de groeten aan iedereen en geef ieder een HUG.Love Dad and Mum.

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