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November 29th 2005
Published: November 29th 2005
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Searching for an abode!Searching for an abode!Searching for an abode!

Me getting aquainted with the local news and about to start house-hunting.
Well, here I am. Millions of hours of flights (slight exaggeration), and passport control has let me in! Silly silly people!

The airport departure was as emotional as expected. Thank you to those who wanted to come down but understood my selfishness in only wanting the direct family. Little neice Mikayla was the most in control, simply repeating "bye bye tracey", as she had done for several weeks. I felt for the person sitting next to me on the flight as I sniffled through most of the kms to Sydney. A look in the mirror once there revealed that tears had sent mascara running down my face - how attractive! No wonder the flight attendants gave such sympathetic looks.

A long wait in the customs line in Sydney with a massive group of Japanese students ahead of me. Had just enough time to buy the essential Vegemite and Freddo Frogs before the flight was called.

The flight between Sydney and Singapore was about 7-8 hours. Managed to sleep for about 3 hours of that. Not a bad flight at all. At least it was better than the girl next to me who had to make use of my
Awaiting departureAwaiting departureAwaiting departure

The family waiting for my flight to be called in Adelaide. I was still in denial at this point!
sick bag after finishing with her own - poor thing!

A couple of hours in Singapore allowing time for a shower made all the difference for the travel. Way to go parentals for the gift of Qantas Club membership. Back on board and sitting next to 2 Aussies. One was heading to Amsterdam for a job interview, the other back to London where he had been working for the last 5 years. That was great for plenty of advice. Oh, Cam, I thought you'd be happy to hear that he reckons London is the best place to be in the world if you're single - look out pommy ladies! (sorry Anne)

Landed in Heathrow around 1130 but long waits ahead - for runways to become clear and a very long wait through passport control, even for those of us in the work permit line. I got checked by a fun guy who was obviously training a newbie. So was interesting to hear everything he was explaining about how it works and what decisions are made. He offered to add several zeros to the salary reported on my work permit if I took the two of them out to
my life in 3 bagsmy life in 3 bagsmy life in 3 bags

Thanks to Kirsts great winter packing skills - I got here in 3 bags. Great effort me thinks. Summer stuff coming by sea.
dinner but of course didnt follow through when I agreed. Instead he sent me to health control (compulsory for anyone working in the health/medical industry for over 6 months). But they just took one look at me and sent me onwards! Mustn't be looking too diseased then!

A bus and short train ride and I was at the uni within an hour. Staying in a guest room at the uni for the first week. What a dump this one is compared to the one I had last time. Same design but the last one must have been recently refurbished. Several lights and the phone dont work in the room and the showers aint pleasant. Should have put those thongs in after all Kirst! Never mind. I'm a camping girl, I can cope. The heater works so I've gotta be happy with that.

On the topic of heat, or lack thereof... they weren't lying, it's cold here.
Todays forecast was -3 degree min, +3 degree maximum! Sure felt like it too! My clock registered it as 11 degrees in my room with the heater on this morning. Nice! Not finding it too bad so far though. Might be a
the essential purchasesthe essential purchasesthe essential purchases

Necessary purchases from duty free and inflight shopping!
different story when I have to cope with it for several months I guess. I'm predicting many hours warming up inside pubs in the area.

Haven't found a place to live yet. Tried searching the net last night but exhaustion prevented every idea of productivity there. Over 11 hours sleep certainly helped last night. Have now found a few potential share houses that I will view over the next couple of days. Good luck to me!

Keep smiling,

Trace xx

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anyone for a squat?anyone for a squat?
anyone for a squat?

Oh the memories from childhood trips to Singapore and Malaysia
boat or building?boat or building?
boat or building?

The unusual design you see as you enter the uni
the window viewthe window view
the window view

One side of the guest room I'm staying in at the uni
the other sidethe other side
the other side

The room from the other end...
where's my thongs?where's my thongs?
where's my thongs?

The not so clean share shower - including mouldy ceiling!

29th November 2005

At least you have got a double bed!!! Do you have water or ice come out of the shower? lots of love from all xxx
30th November 2005

Travelblog addiction
Hi Trace I can see we will become addicted to your travelblogs.I know we and lots of Cams friends got addicted to his. Yours in anticipation Anne
30th November 2005

Good to hear...
your safe and sound in Guilford. Don't worry about the place being a dump, it's only temporary. Good to hear that London is the best in the world if your single, but did you ever think that maybe he was trying to pick you up??? hehe. Anyways take care and I'm looking foreward to seeing your european travel blogs in the future. xoxox
30th November 2005

Hi Trace, this is excellent!! I look forward to your updates!!
30th November 2005

Good to see you have your own Travel blog
This website does rock don't it glad to see your using it, looks like a great farewell party shame we missed it. I have been to the travel agent today to start the ball rolling on coming over to see you and Cam for OKTOBERFEST '06, the whole single part sounds great, keep the posts coming xx az
30th November 2005

Hi Trace
30th November 2005

Look out world!
Hello sweets! Glad to see you made it there safe and sound. Mmmm...the fungi looks interesting! I think you'd look dashing in one of those yellow haz-mat suits! Just be thankful you got a room with a shower! (mould and all!) Only trouble with england is that there are too many baths! Thanks for the updates...will sort my home phone/internet stuff out asap so i can see your lovely face on MSN!! Anna x x x x
1st December 2005

Glad your there safe!!
Hey Trace! Thanks so much for the updates. I'm very sorry I couldn't make your going away bash, you know I would have if I was in the same state! I can't believe your gone! You're going to miss our first gig, but that's cool cos we have a song dedicated to you in our setlist! I'll send you the DVD we record! And the next time we see you we will perform it just for you! Let me know when I can come visit you! I'll bring the vodka!! Oh yeah just one thing, who is going to keep me outta trouble at Buzz n' Rach's wedding!???? You were spose to look after me! Take care. We talk soon! Cors!
1st December 2005

Hi Trace, What a lovely surprise to get your blog, a great idea! The cold weahter sounds awful, but I'm sure you will adapt soon. Hope everything is well, look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Love Tanya and Andrew xx
3rd December 2005

How cool is the uni?! i dare you to climb up to the top, stick your arms up in the air and chant "i'm the king of the woooooooorld"!! Loving this travel bog... i mean blog. from the wally - em :) xoxo
4th December 2005

hello Tracy
5th December 2005

Hey gorgeous! So pleased to hear that you arrived safely!I am absolutely loving this travel blog idea!Can't wait for more updates. Of course photo evidence of ALL your O/S experiences are requested!Can't wait to see what I have to look forward to! Keep safe and well... xxxxxxx

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