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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom August 23rd 2017

Good morning from grey Epsom- but very green Epsom!! Haylie's first comment was: 'your grass is so nice and green'. Believe me - they don't spend any time watering it 😀 Cape Town was just amazing and I was blown away by the effort my friend Marzanne went through to see us and spoil us. But as always- the time is just too short. We tried to do a few sites but Lexie was not well and I ended up taking her to a dr and as expected- she had a shocking ear infection. I was reluctant to take antibiotics but wow - they do work when used correctly. She back to her cheeky self. My parents are well- as well as they can be I think. The kids did not warm to them straight away ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom December 18th 2014

Geo: 51.3214, -0.279403Time check: 17:30......This time next week, Christmas will be over! For many, the turkey will be a wrecked and distant memory with perhaps just a few slices left in the fridge. There will have been much "zzzzing" in front of the TV. Well for some perhaps, but we will be well under way on our journey from Copenhagen to Tromso in Norway. An overland journey into to the Arctic Circle by train, boat and dog sled!Join us for another action packed caper............. My sincere apologies. DUBAI PROVED TOO MUCH FOR THE MAN! I left off the last blog on our last day. Just to recap:-Monday 8th December: 0715: Up and sitting on our balcony looking out at the cityscape. The worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa (828m/2,722 ft) sits glistening in the clear morning ... read more
It's a long way down...
Tolworth Tower!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom November 26th 2013

Geo: 51.3307, -0.2700591007. GMT Epsom Here we are again on another mini adventure into Europe. This time we are off to Lille by Eurostar for two nights. A bit casual this morning and already forgotten "plug" the coffee pot....,We have left Kiwi Steve in charge of the dogs. He looks capable and runs a small holding in NZ with his wife June. Either that or he is already rummaging through Cathy's makeup drawer......... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom November 26th 2013

Geo: 51.3307, -0.2700591004hrs Well here we are again on a mini adventure to Lille - only 1 hrs 30 ins from St Pancras to Lille (Gare TGV). Whoop whoop!We have left "Kiwi Steve" in charge of the dogs "home alone" He seems very competent and he and his wife "June" are over from NZ on an extended sebatacle. Nagging worry that he is already rummaging through Cathy makeup drawer or worse........A trip of this size can lead one into a false sense of security. Paaaah! Only 2 nights and only Europe (barely). Already, I have forgotten to pack my "brouges", caffetiere and have no back up smart socks incase of a formal meeting scenario! Other minor lapses include:-10:50hrs: Arrive St Pancras International. Cathy gets stuck through the disabled ticket flipper barrier at Vauxhall. It must have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom September 6th 2013

Geo: 51.3213, -0.279418Sorry Blogees! We are home safely and cannot recommend highly enough a small cycling trip to Belgium. Small in length as opposed to small Bicycles! which would have been ridiculous.Great food, people and scenery. Do go to Lissewege near Brugge and stay in the luxury B & B Lissode (Bull Rush in Dutch). Eat fantastic food in near Michelin Rosette restaurants only a few hundred meters away. Pedal into Holland and use thee brilliant cycle networks that take you all the way across Belgium to Holland if you feel energetic.Since my last entry the harvest has been gathered in by The Muscles from Brussels!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom May 16th 2013

Geo: 51.3307, -0.270059Here we are at Epsom Station waiting to catch to the 1805 to Simferopol in the Crimea. I think that this is the first of 8 trains we will be taking. The basic route will take in Paris, Berlin,Warsaw, Krakow, Lvov, Kiev and Yalta. We are now a Stoneleigh..... station 2 of 409......... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom January 27th 2013

Last minute shopping today........................Sutton of all places. It must be a bloke thing, I got next to nothing and I'm not bothered. Flip flops, shorts and Tees is all I'm hoping to need.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom January 26th 2013

Blogg??? more like mind boggling!!!! I hope people have more sucess in following it than I am having setting it up and inviting people.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom November 12th 2011

And so I got to Iceland's Keflavik airport. While in time for the connecting flight, I was actually going to be getting on the same plane anyway. And transiting here was rather odd - I was temporarily in the country. I actually got my passport stamped. Then no more than two minutes later, I received my exit stamp. Weird, really weird. Made me wonder what the point of that was. Feeling a little sleep deprived, I boarded the plane to London Gatwick, a three hour flight away. My friends Jay and Laurie were going to be picking me up at the airport; and when I landed, I was pretty happy, but cautious about the immigration process. I had problems here last time I tried to enter, and I hoped they weren't going to make it difficult ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Epsom June 12th 2011

Every place that you go to has a distinct feel and smell. England is by far my favourite. You can hear the trains slugging along, and the planes overhead making their way to the busy Heathrow or the quieter Gatwick, and the smell I smell is one......of fabric softer. I am certain that some particular brand has successfully infiltrated the market here, as it is the same smell that gave me the same feeling when I used to live here. Don’t quite know how to describe it, but I love it. Having arrived at London Gatwick and with no casualties or delays (lost, luggage, customs and interviews were obviously not in the cards for me), I have a feeling that this holiday is going to be great. In fact, England has in the past always made ... read more
Epsom Race Course

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