Freedom! Time to party hardy at the beach party.. wait beach party? That is right! those crazy brits!

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April 2nd 2005
Published: April 2nd 2005
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Well I finished all four papers! Ah 8,500 words done... What are they thinking making a cool girl like myself go crazy and lock herself in her room? BLEH! I had that look... All I did was write... drink tea... write... drink tea... ah caffeine... their isnt anything we cant overcome together... It was a long 48 hours of paper writing! I just had two papers to write because I had already gotten 2 out of the way! WOOT WOOT JULES! My neighbor John and I would message each other during the process. We helped each other keep track of word counts and take the enjoyable tea breaks! I look like a crazy every time I came out of my room to see the world... Well Wednesday was the night! The night where everyone goes to the union and dances like never before! It was sad though because everyone was leaving the next day and I was going to have to move out of my place!

After a bad week and then a week of paper writing Wednesday was well deserved. I missed my friends from when I was gone in Ireland and having a night out was AMAZING! We danced to all these really rockin' johnny songs. They were all old school and danceable! Not that I can dance at all because I can't, but the great thing is my friends can't either. My friends all skanked hoed me out! It was great, but I hope I don’t have to wear a skirt that short again! My friend Josh was pissed, Amber was just happy, and John and I are too poor to drink! HA HA. It was great we danced till 130 am. We also played volleyball in the back of the main dance hall! It was great to hit people and then have to run after the ball! Then John had to leave because he had class and Amber was tired. Josh and I just danced like idiots in the back. He kept doing twirls with me and then trying to dip me! Ha.. I kept falling and I don’t think I have coordination! It was great to be with friends and dance and sing! What a night! Best night at the union ever! Best night I have had in ages!

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2nd April 2005

I'm so happy to see you got a chance to have a beach party in England! Send me an email girlie! - Lisa

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