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April 30th 2013
Published: April 30th 2013
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6 months ago we sat on a train leaving behind the people we love, our jobs and all the anxiety that went into planning and saving for our trip. That feeling of letting go of everything, the feeling of . . . "THIS IS IT!!. . it's just us and our backpacks!!" . . . will stay with me forever.

We have gone from the depths of Mumbai in a room with no windows, things crawling across the bed and the beauty of India that is "organized chaos" to a Penthouse apartment over looking Sydney with all that westernized culture has to offer. The journey from Mumbai to Sydney has been humbling, a journey with highs and lows and one that taught us a lot about the world, ourselves and each other. We have been lucky enough to meet amazing people, see dramatic views, eat amazing food and learn something about other cultures that is both haunting and inspiring. We have also learnt the value of our family and friends and how lucky we are to have those people around us, we love you all.

We have been back for 1 week now and yesterday I sat in my office looking at maps and internet sites I used to plan the trip, I actually sat and stared at the wall thinking "Did that just actually happen?" People have asked me what it was like but all I can do is give them an answer that would never be able to describe what we experienced. As we settle back into daily life a popular phrase arises "back to reality!" what is reality? sat in the rat race making money for other people or seeing the world, meeting new people, eating new foods and feeling free? it's just unfortunate that we need the rat race to pay for us to do these things! or do we? 😊 either way please tell yourself that work is not a reality and that your life, people and the world, is! 😊

We would like to thank the amazing people we have met along the way who have welcomed us into their lives and homes without question, like the Indian guy who smiled and shouted "welcome to India . . ." as he swung off a moving bus into the crowds! or the Cambodian Tuk Tuk driver and Cambodian family who fed us traditional food and taught us their language! or Ken and Karyn, who without question, let us stay in their home in Sydney! and not forgetting all the people that are apart of SCAD in India who invited us into their villages and homes where the only communication was with smiles and gestures and the offerings of food and drink! don't believe what you hear about the world been a bad place, yes bad things do happen! but don't let it stop you opening the door and seeing for yourself 😊

To anyone who has followed our blog, been interested in where we are going and what we are doing and supported us, we thank you 😊 and hope we have done what we set out to do in the second blog, which is to be . . . The Eyes for You 😊

It's been amazing to see some of the world

and we feel extremely lucky to have done so

don't think this is it though!

the next escape plan is currently under go!

shhhh don't tell anybody though! for now,

there really is no place like home 😊

Rich n Jess 😊xx

P.s I wouldn't have changed that room in Mumbai for anything, and if you ask Jess about it she may look at you with a look of disbelief on her face!!! . . . but I know she wouldn't have changed it either 😊

Estimated Distance Traveled:

44, 574 Miles (nearly twice around the earth)

Modes of Transport:

tuk tuk, train, canal boat, plane, ferry, car, rickshaw, bamboo train, canoe, subway, bus, walking, speed boat, taxi, bicycle, mini bus, jungle train, moped, motorbike and the beloved camper van 😊


30th April 2013

Welcome home.
Thoroughly enjoyed following your adventure Rich, thanks for sharing it. Airzee.

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