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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stafford October 7th 2013

It wasn’t just a great price for our room at the Premier Inn but we also had a most comfortable bed and therefore a great night’s sleep. Peering out of the curtains towards the coast we could see the rain of yesterday had cleared and although the sky was overcast it looked as though we were in for better day weather wise. We prepared breakfast and thought we would give the toaster a go as we were able to plug it in close to the window and with the fresh breeze blowing outside there was a good chance any smoke that we might generate would be sucked outside. Not that we planned to overdo the toast again! However, the Cumbernauld incident continues to haunt us for as the first two slices were popping up we could ... read more
The Wetherspoons truck delivering the brewery products
Coast north of Whitehaven harbour

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stafford August 27th 2011

Picked up the rental car today after doing a tour of Euston station. BTW, if you're renting a car from Avis and the address says Euston station, it's NOT in Euston station. It's down the road next to a sex shop. Obviously! Robb was somewhat worried to drive on the wrong side but managed to figure out how to make car move forward. An amazing feat considering gear shift only has three settings - R, N and A. He mastered the roundabout and was officialy inaugurated as a driver in England by getting honked at three times within an hour span. We decided to do day trip into Staffordshire which is 225 km north of London. We drove through Birmingham ... it's very much like Cleveland we all thought - working town, not much going on ... read more
Heading to Staffordshire
Home of the Soup Kitchen
Scary pub

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stafford January 6th 2010

Day 0 Just finished all my preparations. My pack is a little over 16kgs and with some lovely Fins on the outside. All I have left to do now is just enjoy my last day in England with Laura and my Family. Hopefully will be taking lots of photos of me on the flight tomorrow, but as its snowing all over the UK, I doubt they will be of me with a happy face :-(. They say that Heathrow is still running, but to expect delays and possibly cancellations. As Sam said yesterday, if my plane gets delayed to the point where I didn't need to spend £40 on a Hotel in Playa Del Carman I will not be impressed lol. But what ever happens, Mexico, here I come!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stafford August 18th 2007

Another weekend, another festival. This time Brigid and I headed to Staffordshire for V Festival. While not as muddy as Glastonbury, I was certainly happy to have my wellies with me. V was also a lot wetter than Glastonbury - it rained off and on on the Saturday and for most of the Sunday. It was all a bit much really. Another annoying thing was that they made you queue for beer vouchers and then queue again for beer - I didn't like that system at Livid in Sydney, and the English version did not impress either. On the plus side, the venue was a lot smaller, and it was easy to move from stage to stage. We checked out the Killers (crap sound - again - what is it with the Killers?), Kasabian, the Foo ... read more
Not happy to have to queue for beer tokens
Happy to get a beer
Wet wet wet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stafford August 23rd 2006

Yep i know what your thinking.........when are these people actually gonna go travelling and stop listing entries about the UK or their holidays?????? well its nearly here folks so this should be the last entry before Japan (i promise) but so hooked am i on cataloguing my life in blog format here is an account of our day including photos at the V2006 Festival. Arrived on site about 12.30pm and headed for the beer tokens stand so drinking began about 1ish, we had sneaked in approx 2 bottles of Merlot in Ribena bottles which if you keep reading you will find out the reason why you should never do this EVER!!! especially if your name is Carla, you are only tiny and havent eaten all day. Met up with Dom, Ben and Rosalyn and after catching ... read more
The Gang......
Carla, Ben and Matt

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stafford June 9th 2006

Finally, I am getting to the point of no return. I have my camper van, a Renault Traffic minibus conversion (see pictures in gallery). This was not my first choice, I had planned on a Mazda Bongo with a pop top. However, I could not get insurance for my type of trip on this van they are registered as 8 seaters (don’t ask why). Anyway, £4,500 later (£1,000 insurance & road tax) later I have a camper that hopefully will do the job. Original plans to leave at the beginning of June have been put back by a couple of weeks due to red tape (various document & delays in bank transfers). The bank balance has taken a bit of a battering, but most of this I should get back when I sell the camper at ... read more

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