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August 17th 2007
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Health Issues

Now had all the vaccinations except the final Rabies. Thanks to Jean our Nurse Practitioner and the National Health Service this has been a painless exercise and not too expensive. So far had Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus, Hepatitis A/B, Rabies 1 and 2 and all were free except the last ones which have cost £210 for both of us. This of cause does not include Malaria tablets which will cost £36 for 200. Had we decided to go for Malaron then the bill would have been in the £100s. Also there are tablets for Delhi belly and various other things. At this point we would like to give a big thank you to Jean for her skill and professionalism. Furthermore, she's going to spend her main summer holiday on a hospital boat off the coast of Liberia, West Africa. There she will be assisting in a couple of thousand operations to people who have no acces to a heath service. What would the World be like without such individuals?

The Legalities

Our visa applications to Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Australia have now been submitted and I gather we have been granted entry into India: they could hardly turn me down we're the same age. As for Australia it seems they are manually checking my application because I belong to a rare group of souls with extraordinary common surnames such as the likes of Smith, Brown, Wilson, Murphy etc. It seems I would have been ok if I was a Justin or Gabriel Smith but not a common Peter. So far the visa exercise has cost £550.

The equipment

So far bought new light weight tent, walking boots, waterproof jacket and moscuito repelant trousers and shirts. Also sleeping bags not so light in weight but warm. Still need to buy carry mats, headtorches, moscuito nets, silk inners etc. Our thanks go to the intrepid assistants at Foothills in Sheffield and Craghoppers and Mountainlife on the outskirts of Pontefract who stand their ground each time we enter their respective outlets. Also a big thank you to our friends Debbie and Jeff in Knaresborough for providing us with rucksacks - two less things to buy. We'll see you in Whitby next week and share a beer or two.


4th September 2007

Visas for Ozbus
Did you arrange your own visas or use a service like Travcour.?

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