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March 30th 2010
Published: March 30th 2010
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This time tomorrow I'll (hopefully) be in the air, enjoying the in-flight entertainment & catering provided by Qatar Airways, and well on the way on leg one of the trip.

I was asked if I was nervous or apprehensive about it all. Honest answer has to be no. I'm not nervous or apprehensive, there are little bugs that I think about but it's nothing that will stop me sleeping tonight (although I'll be keeping a notebook & pen at the side of the bed for the middle of the night wake-ups for things not to forget, just in case!).

I was also asked if I was excited. I don't feel it at the moment. At the station tomorrow might be different, transferring at Doha different again, and by the time I arrive in Nairobi on Thursday afternoon I think I'll be at the excited stage.

Of course the real excitement comes when I see the big yellow bus, and meet my fellow travellers. Brief chats on Facebook are one thing, but getting to know people you're sharing a campsite and a crowded Overland bus with is completely different.

For now, I'll sign off to check the blog feeds work (but mainly because I have to pack the netbook!), and hopefully my next update will be from another continent.



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