Published: May 6th 2009
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Well 6 weeks worth of planning is now complete!!

I am now a qualified sorcerers apprentice, Alan Sugar's Apprentices eat your heart out. We can beat the Apprentices hands down! The Norway trip is booked, planned and we are ready for off.

Thank you to Karen Marks for putting in a very innovative travel award grant and ensuring that this was comprehensive, cohesive and a well structured business plan by setting the purpose and parameters. This would not have been as easy to initiate without the foundation stones in place. Well done Karen. But the next time she goes off sick in the middle of this she won't be able to come.

Well done and thank you to Lyndsey for being the Google queen, and finding everything from a hotel with a hairdryer to a train across the country, times included.

After contacting national Baby Friendly staff in London, who very helpfully suggested contacting Rachel Myr, who is renowned for her work in breastfeeding in Norway. Rachel very kindly welcomed the Doncaster posse by rounding up two regional leads who could set up and facilitate the visit and an appropriate programme. The Norwegian contacts have been very friendly and welcoming and have gone beyond the call of duty by offering accommodation and any other support we require.

This was a pleasant surprise, although we expected them to be very professional, we did not expect them to be so responsive and welcoming of people that had contacted them out of the blue and had no prior knowledge or contact of.

I have performed two miracles and one divine intervention to get to this point. The impossible has now been achieved with the help of my new best friends ... NHS Director's and especially poor Kelly in the Purchasing Department, who thankfully did not ignore my pleas, calls and rantings.

Although, this was the test of all tests of any and every skill and knowledge, I would encourage anybody and everybody to do this unreservedly. Never be afraid or concerned about setting the travel innovations schemes up and if you can dance, then dance and do it because it has been worthwhile.

Anybody needing advice can ring me and always look on the bright side of life!


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