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August 12th 2012
Published: August 14th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I've survived! 6 weeks working at the OU are over and I didn't go completely bonkers! There I was at Heathrow- the bags were pacled, the money was secured and I wasn't hungover. It felt like a good day to be alive 😊

Or so i thought. Ok, so the day wasn't terrible but long haul flights really drain a guy! The food was ok, the films pretty ace (The Expendables! The Shawshank Redemption!) but sleep was minimal. Tunrs out the booze on the flight was free too but no rum. No Mojito 😞

I was strange to think I had been to Delhi, albeit very breifly, and then I happened to find myself in Bangkok. Incidently, security at Bangkok airport is as quick and efficient as London! Bangkok is like a more modern and cleaner Manilla, for those who've been there, but they drive on the left. It has the same feel and smell- thick humid air mixed with cloying diesal fumes and fetid water. Nevertheless, people are always eagar to be helpful and there are spots of real beaty- at least what i could tell in the dark from the Taxi!

The first order of the day after arrival at the hostel was food. Unfortunetly It was a bank holiday, for what occasion no one could say, so most places were closed. Luckily, a couple of scary dark alleys later, we found a street-side cafe still serving but the ability to cater for 13 people seemed beyond them1 Going to bed now to wake up tomorrow at 5am. Far too early to be civilised but coaches the world over play by their own rules!

Mohan xx


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