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August 8th 2012
Published: August 8th 2012
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And so it begins. My attempt to stave off the real world for as long as possible. The last few days working in Bath for the OU have been a blurry panic of packing and vodka. Mostly vodka. In fact I've done no packing but panic buying things to try to teach kids. I guess this is a good time to introduce what I'm doing. This is my story.

Back in the heady days of October 2011 (what does heady even mean??) I decided that I hadn't made the best use of University opportunities (UNAY UNAY). 2 months later I had applied and succefully obtained a place on DUCK's expedition to Cambodia. Originally, it was Jordan I had aspired to travel to but that clashed with graduation. Graduation is a whole other story, suffice to say it included sneaking around a castle, embarressing my parents and drinking champagne, not necessarily in that order! So there I was, in a pub of course, when i found out that I had started the long process to Cambodia. Incidently DUCK is short for Durham Univeristy Charity Kommittee. Being told whilst sitting in a pub that I needed to raise £2500 spawned just one reaction. Another cider please. 6 months, many days dressed as Scooby Doo on a street corner (weirdest hooker ever) and a few large cheques later I am here. Ready (!?) to travel.

So Cambodia is in the far east. Probably. Near Thailand and Burma and Vietnam. Probably. Not entirely sure to the specifics of its location but its far away. A brief Wikipedia search for Cambodia reveals a violent past and a country still getting to its feet. For example, it is estimated that there are as many landmines as there are people in the country. I won't go through the history here but its worth checking out one of the lesser known atrocities of the recent past. In the coming weeks I'll be clearing landmines with nothing more than a long stick and a metal pan on my head. Jokes. No, I'll be doing the very cliched teaching of kids in an orphanage.

The vaccines have been taken, the guide books bought and designer flip flops safely stowed away. Gap Yah begin!


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