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December 9th 2007
Published: January 13th 2008
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My cousin Ben, who just finished his student exchange in Copenhagen, came to UK to visit me. On the next day after he arrived, we made a road trip to Bath and Avebury, together with my colleagues Jack, Lois & Francis. We rented a car in Slough and drove all the way to Bath.

As we drove towards Bath, the weather seemed to get from bad to worse... (It was cloudy in Slough, drizzling in Reading, raining in Newbury, and raining cats and dogs as we approached Bath...) After a refuelling stop, we made our way to the Royal Crescent. We only took a few photos before returning to the car, because of the horrible weather. Later, the 5 of us decided to split. Ben, Lois and I would visit the Roman Bath and the Fashion Museum, while Jack & Francis would have some coffee at a cafe and do some shopping around Bath.

Actually this was my 2nd visit to Bath. (I visited Bath in May 2007.) Unlike my previous visit, the Roman Bath was surprisingly quiet and empty during my 2nd visit. I also had a chance to see some of the exhibits more in detail (I didn't see them during the previous visit because the place was crowded.) After the visit, we went to the pump room and drank a glass of natural spring water. (Lois didn't like the taste, so she gave her glass to me and I drank 2 glasses!)

After that we went to the Fashion Museum. The museum is quite small and we finished viewing the exhibits in half an hour. (It was a display of clothes from the different era, with some clothes dating back to the 17th and 18th century...) By the time we walked out of the Fashion Museum, the rain had stopped, so we walked to downtown Bath to look for Jack & Francis. We managed to find them as we were walking through the Guildhall Christmas market. After grabbing a hot delicious beef pie, we continued walking around Bath. There was a big Christmas market in Bath. (It was the last day of the market when we went there.) We spent most of our time looking at the booths and experiencing the Christmas atmosphere at the market. We also spent some time exploring the shops, and my friends treated themselves to a heavy retail therapy session.... (e.g. Lois bought a pair of boots, and Jack bought a few bottles of wine...)

In the afternoon, we decided to make our way to Avebury to see the famous stone circles. However, when we arrived at Avebury, the sky had turned dark, and there was no lighting at all in Avebury. We tried to maneuver our car so that the headlights could illuminate the stones, but we ended up beaming the light onto a flock of sheeps... We drove to the other side of the stone circle, and we found a path. We climbed up the path, and we found ourselves in total darkness. Suddenly, we saw a gigantic stone right in front of us. After our eyes had adapted to the darkness, we could see several stones aligned in a curve. Then we realised that we were standing at the circumference of the stone circle!

We tried to take some photos of the stones, but all the photos turned out to be pitch black (despite using flashlight). In the end, we made ourselves happy by touching and hugging the stones. (It was my first time hugging a 5000 years old relic...) As we made our way back to our car, my cousin Ben slipped on a puddle of mud and his buttocks landed right into the puddle. We went to the nearest restaurant, the Red Lion, and my cousin spent half an hour trying to wash off all the mud on his jeans.

The Red Lion is a really special place. Not only it's situated right in the middle of a 5000 years old stone circle, it also houses a haunted well right in the middle of the dining hall! Luckily, we didn't have any supernatural encounters. (Hahaha.) After an excellent dinner in the Red Lion, we made our way back home.

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