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March 30th 2014
Published: March 30th 2014
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So its only four days until we go away. The last couple of weeks have gone very fast. Camcorder has been ordered and delivery was attempted yesterday so I'll have to get that first thing tomorrow, which leaves me next to no time to have a play with it, completely my own fault! Oh well! Finally managed to get a Kipling case which should be delivered on Tuesday. By complete luck I found a company auctioning them on ebay, they've been going for £65 for the last few weeks, typical the time I find it is end of the month and I get into a bidding war but I won muhahaha! I wont say how much but its cheaper than Amazon so I'm happy. Ipad mini arrived and I'm pretty pleased with it and I've ordered lots of attachments etc that should enable me to upload the video footage to a space online until I get home and edit it all together.

Update on the missing plane situation. They've now established using calculations and satellite date that it did in fact crash in the south indian ocean quit a way off Perth Australia. Still no crash site or debris confirmed to be from the plane although every day there seems to be more news about debris spotted on satellites in the regions of 300+ pieces but the search continues.

Thoughts at the moment are about packing and what to pack in terms of clothing. Steph and Kerry are concerned about whether they'll fit everything in! I'm a bit more confident, my normal clothing style is jeans, t shirts and hoodies so sticking to that I'll only need to throw in a couple of pairs of shorts and some stuff to wear at night in the cities we are going to. Although I admit as we are taking walking boots and coats etc for the colder places it might be a bit of a push but I'm sure we'll be fine (now I've said that que - me having to repack about 5 times on Weds night to meet the weight whilst Kerry and Steph smugly watch!). I've checked out the weather for the days that we are in the various places and its not too bad. After the first week things look nice and warm with lots of sun. The extended forecast in Amarillo is crazy the time we are there its forecast to be about 15c but in days before and after it jumps right up to 30c!

3rd - Chicago - 8c / 45f Cloudy

4th - Chicago - 7c / 44f Cloudy

5th - St Louis - 13c / 56f Cloudy

6th - Carthage - 19c / 66f Sunshine, Patchy Clouds

7th - Oklahoma - 11c / 51f Clouds and Sun

8th - Amarillo - 15c / 59f Sunny With Shower

9th - Tucumcari - 26c / 78f Warm With Sunshine

10th - Santa Fe - 21c / 69f Sunny

11th - Holbrook - 26c / 79f Warm With Sunshine

12th - Grand Canyon 26c / 79f Plenty Of Cloud

13th - Las Vegas 31c / 87f Partly Sunny Very Warm

14th - Las Vegas 31c / 88f Sunny & Very Warm

15th - Lone Pine 24c / 75f Abundant Sunshine

16th - Lake Tahoe 12c / 54f Partly Sunny

17th - San Francisco 21c / 70f Abundant Sunshine

18th - San Francisco 21c / 70f Abundant Sunshine

19th - San Francisco 21c / 70f Sunny

I'm really starting to get excited now, I've got a couple of days of busy things ahead to get everything ready and sorted, the usual pre holiday house cleaning! ironing, washing, packing, sending out the last orders and getting some things to Amazon Fulfillment to provide me with some income whilst I'm away! Not much else to say now, in fact I must crack on and stop procrastinating.

My next blog post will more than likely be when we have arrived in Chicago or I might do a quick one in Copenhagen whilst we are waiting for the connecting flight.


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