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July 17th 2017
Published: July 17th 2017
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Emma: "We have to hurry and get back in time!"
Tom: "Well, I will be going as fast as the train."

Larry text: "I am at Quad."
Michael text: "Dinner is at 7:15."

I was on morning shift today, which was hard because I didn't get much sleep last night. I decided to just grab some cereal from the hall and eat it in the office because I was worried I'd be late, but then ended up being the first one in. I tried to throw my laundry in the washer before I went in, but would you believe it some kid had gotten up at O Dark Hundred and already had their laundry in to wash. What the what?? Go to sleep children, I need to wash my socks! I hid my laundry bag in the laundry room and figured I would try again once classes had started. Laundry was priority one today though, because I have almost no clean clothes left.

So I made it to the office first and opened up. I was on with Toby and Edmund this morning, and they joined me shortly after. We had a bunch of doctor's appointments to make today, so as soon as King Edward's open at 8AM I started making calls. We had three girls who needed appointments, all for different things, and conveniently enough the nurse was able to schedule them all for one right after the other - 3:30, 3:40, and 3:50. Brilliant! Check that off the To Do list.

Most of the morning was pretty chill. Attendance was annoying, but it always is this year. We have about twelve teachers who just cannot get it right, but at this point I've just accepted that no amount of stickers is going to convert them, so whatever. We've just gotten used to going out to their classrooms to get the attendance. We had a couple students come in and report thefts, which was sad; one girl had her phone stolen, and another her wallet. That was sad, because both girls were really upset and I couldn't bring myself to tell them that they probably aren't going to get the stuff back. But I left a note for the evening shift to have someone take them to the police station to file a report. Somehow during all of this I managed to sneak out to the laundry room again. But there was new laundry in the washer! Seriously?? I waited until that finished, but then the kid obviously wasn't coming to change the laundry over because they were in class. I finally just pulled it out and set it on the dryer. I need clean socks, dammit, and who plans to leave their laundry in the washer for 3 hours? And so I got clean clothes.

Around 10:30, once the attendance had died down, Edmund decided to break out the Jenga game. No idea why he was suddenly craving Jenga, but I challenged him to a game. Edmund is definitely the most aggressive Jenga player I've ever faced. Here I've always played the game as trying to build the highest tower possible, but he was actively choosing to pull bars that would topple me. But I persisted with removing the basic ones, and eventually my patience was rewarded because Edmund toppled the tower and I won! Booyah!

While we were playing Jenga, Tom and Emma stopped by! Yay! They hung around for the remainder of our game and then we chatted a bit about their plans for the day. We decided to all meet up for tea and dinner later after our shift ended, and they headed off for a free day in Oxford.

We had several more students come in sick. Something is going around, and it is not a nice something. It is a nausea something, which is the worst kind of something. It seems to be concentrated in one particular clique, so hopefully they all just ate something naughty and that's why their sick. I hate to think it is spreading. We did have another girl come in requesting a doctor's appointment because she has been feeling dizzy, but when I called the first surgery they sad they didn't have anything open for a week. So then I called our back-up surgery, and they said they couldn't see her because she's not a Brit. That's racist! I was genuinely worried about her, so I called the other surgery back and told them how we had three of our other students coming in for appointments this afternoon, and couldn't they just squeeze in one more because really once you have three is four really that big of a difference? The nurse agreed with my logic, and squeezed the fourth girl in at 3:20. Brilliant! King Edward's Surgery is the best.

At lunch today we had the faculty meeting, which Toby, Edmund, and I did not attend because we were in the office. I have not yet attended a single faculty meeting because I'm always in the office, and this does not bother me. We also had two parents visiting the college today. Their son was on OxTrad in 2014, and committed suicide several years ago. Apparently he told them a lot about how much he loved OxTrad, and so they planned their vacation to come to Oxford and see his school and the city. I didn't get to talk with them, but they had lunch with his old teachers and then took a tour of the college and saw his bedroom and classrooms. It was a sad visit, but they seemed to enjoy seeing all the places where he was so happy.

At 4PM I had to deal with a parent phone call, but as soon as that was done I was free and off to Corpus to meet up with Emma, Tom, Larry, and Lauren for tea. We went to Quad, which was nice because we got to sit outside and had a bit more space than at Grande Cafe. Grande Cafe is still my spot, but Quad is growing on me. Plus their tea is one pound cheaper than Grande Cafe, and the Earl Grey tea they serve is really nice. We had a really fun time at tea. Tom told us about some of the classes he'll be teaching at UPenn; one in particular which focuses on tragedies had Larry very interested, and he and Tom had a rousing debate about The Godfather and whether it is a revenge tragedy or just a tragedy. Larry didn't feel there was enough revenge in it. They also talked a lot about his son Jakob's film, which everyone watched at Corpus last night. Apparently one of them involved an Uber driver and was terrible, but the other was a Western and was very good.

Larry thought he was supposed to meet Michael for dinner at Quad at 6PM so we just hung out there until it was time. But then he texted Michael and Michael responded that dinner wasn't until 7:15. Doh. So Larry went to hang out at Michael's flat, and Emma, Tom, Lauren, and I went back to Pembroke because Tom wanted to see the theme menu for tonight's dinner. Tonight was Narnia night at Pembroke, featuring Aslan burgers (that's right, after sacrificing himself on the Stone Table, Aslan was then grilled and served on a bun), Rumplebuffin onion rings, and Mr Tumble pies or something equally ridiculous. Tom and Larry love the theme nights, but not so much the food, so we decided to go to Turf for dinner instead. Adam and Edmund joined us as well, and we all headed out to the Turf. We sat outside for a while waiting for a table to open up, but then Tom found an empty one inside so we moved indoors. We ended up hanging out at Turf until about 9:30. We had dinner and then just chatted about OxTrad memories, good and bad, and our travel plans for after the program. And of course, the big question - Will you come back next year? - came up. That always comes up eventually. It is tough to say, because we all agreed that what makes the program so great is the people, and as more of the people move away and move on, the program changes.

By 9:30 it was getting close to the time for Tom and Emma to leave, so I texted Larry to get his location because I knew he would want to say goodbye. He and Michael were just finishing up dinner at Quad, so we walked back there to see them. We ended up going to The Bear, just for a half hour and a quick visit with lots more laughs, and then Tom and Emma had to depart for the train station and London. Lots of hugs all around, but for me it wasn't bad because I'll get to see them on Wednesday when I have my final day off. We're going to see The Tempest at the Barbican Theatre.

Now it is 11PM, and the official countdown has begun - one hour left until we get to see the new Game of Thrones episode! Everyone is so excited. We've set it up in the Corpus theatre, and as soon as the students are in bed at midnight we're going to watch it together. So I'm off to Corpus! More later...



Arya Stark is awesome. Lyanna Mormont is awesome. That is all.

Good night! Love you all!


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