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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon September 9th 2019

9 September 2019, Monday Day 8 of Thames Path, Oxford to Abingdon, day 23 of travel. Our rest day in Oxford included many interesting things about this university town. Today we leave by heading back toward town to the bridge across the Thames at Abingdon Road. Here we pick up the Thames Path and start our walk on to Abingdon. Our breakfast was served at 7:30 which meant we got almost an hour earlier start than on prior days. The path is crowded with bicyclists and joggers and walkers heading into Oxford. The forecast for the day is for 50 to 60% chance of rain every hour, so we are prepared with our rain gear today. As we approach our first lock, Iffley Lock, our attention is drawn to the tower of a church. This is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon November 2nd 2015

R: So today we finished the packing and are nearly ready to go. There was just the matter of the spirits cabinet to drink up. Cate valiantly drank the gin, while I opted for something more.... Mediterrainian. Can't spell that.... We have had a great evening with friends eating our last British curry for 6 months (not to mention the great "goodbye meals" we've had with others in the last few weeks). And so to Heathrow, where I hear we have disruption awaiting us. Boo to that.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon October 26th 2015

So it's all about the boxes now. Turns out it might have been wise to travel before we owned a house. But hey ho, come next Tuesday all will be ready I'm sure. To those we see regularly, you'll know I've been stressing a bit recently about getting it all done. But half a bottle of red wine in tonight and I'm feeling more positive. Look out for our first proper post next week...... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon October 5th 2015

With just under a month to go now, I thought I better start the blog. We'll be detailing here all of our adventures and travels - so feel free to keep up with us or you'd like. We'll be saving the whole lot into a book when we get back.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon October 5th 2015

Click Read More to have a look at the route... If you are using iOS you might have to use "Print version" below... ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon October 5th 2015

The countdown is on to our departure - click the link to see how long we have left! Time to Leave!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon September 2nd 2015

Geo: 52.2025, 0.131237 An English Summer 12 July - 31st August 2015 The last Blog saw us planning our visit to Stratford. The performance of Othello was very enjoyable and, even better, the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre provides the intimacy that we had come to love in the temporary theatre. No one is far from the stage so it is easy to become involved in the action. At school those studying Literature came to Stratford for a week. I loved this experience but really struggled at the theatre. As much as I enjoyed the plays we were always so far from the stage, up in the 'Gods', that it must have strained by eyes. Without fail I fell asleep within minutes until eventually I realised, thankfully, that if I chewed constantly I could overcome the need ... read more
Largest Fountain of its time
The Church at Whitney Court
Superb 18th Century Gates in Chirk

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon May 4th 2013

Staying positive and enjoying every second of your trip can become extremely difficult when you’re driving around the English countryside minus a GPS, with smudgy, black and white photocopied map, some vague Google directions and no frikkin street signs. We arrived in London early on Thursday. The flight from Bangkok was great – we both slept at least 8 hours and were bursting with energy when we landed. Given we arrived so early at the hotel I’d expected us to be wandering around in old plane clothes waiting for a room to be free, but we were able to check in straight away and shower – it was the best thing on the planet. Things were going perfectly. Once we freshened up we decided to head out. The weather was surprisingly warm and not a cloud ... read more
The Dog House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon April 24th 2012

I made exhaustive list of things i am taking. Cycling: Koga Miyata World Traveller Bicycle, 2 Ortieb lowrider front panniers, 2 Large Ortieb rear pannier, smal handlebar bag, seat tool bag, 2 aluminium water bottles, Helmet, Bicycle lock Camping: MSR Twin Sister 2 Person 4 Season Tent, Ultra light Sleeping bag, Ultra Light Air matress, Ground Sheet, 2 Telescopic Walking Sticks. Cooking: 2 Aluminium Dixies, 1 Solid Fuel Cooker, 1 Packet Solid Fuel Tablets (8), 1 Knife, 4 Sporks, 1 Lighter, 2 Boxes waterproof matches, 1 Plastic Beaker with Lid. Clothing: Cycling Shorts, Fleece, Underpants (3), Socks (3), Raincoat, Tracksuit pants, Cycling Gloves, Hiking Boots, Teeshirts (3), Sun Hat. Personal: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Flannel, Insect Repellent, Soap, Deordourant, Compact Towel, 1st Aid Kit. Gadgets: iPad2, Camera,... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Abingdon January 14th 2010

Hello all! Welcome to my 'blog'. I'll be using this to update you on my travels and will write something interesting soon! Love Rach Xx... read more

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