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April 13th 2008
Published: April 13th 2008
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Packing up our life..Packing up our life..Packing up our life..

This is what we have managed to pack up so far.. One box of CD's and one box of photo albums!
Not long to go now and we are busy packing up the house.. when we say busy what we actually mean is that Sophie has made a half hearted attempt to put the CD's in a box and has decided that everything else can wait until the day we move because 'she doesn't want to live in an empty house'.

We have 2 weeks before we leave the house, the rucksacks are nearly packed full now with just a few final bits like toiletries and malaria tablets to get. We have test packed both packs and are surprised that they are so full.. we really did think there might be a bit of room to spare since we went for quite big packs but no.. lets hope that we manage to downsize as we go along then! Needless to say though that the travel hairdryer and straighteners have been allocated room in Sophie's pack and they will not be downsized at all!

Sophie has 2 more jabs to go which will then bring her total up to 9. She has now moved on from the hysterical crying every time she goes to see the nurse and is nearly completely
The Car Boot PileThe Car Boot PileThe Car Boot Pile

Let hope this goes down in the next 2 weeks
over her needle phobia. That's not to say she will be giving blood at any point in the future but at least it makes it a less painful experience for everyone else around her every time she has to have a jab.

As some people know we are also busy trying to do car boots before we move out.. the car boot pile we have is quite large and just won't move well to Eleanors house so we have 2 weeks to downsize this or it will be going to the charity shops! Not that we have anything against giving it to charity but being selfish we wanted the ££'s for ourselves. The great British weather is not favourable for car boots though so we have managed to do one so far.

We are still frantically searching for our first accommodation stop in Rio but it's difficult finding somewhere in an area you are not going to get mugged (or worse) and that's actually under our daily budget of £35 a day. We are pretty much resigned to the fact that we will be going over budget whilst in Rio but it's only for 6 days so can't
Dale's PackDale's PackDale's Pack

Dale's pack contents.. can you spot what will NOT be going though!
do that much harm to the overall budget plan that Sophie has carefully put together.. can it??

Additional photos below
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Sophie's PackSophie's Pack
Sophie's Pack

Almost the entire contents of what Sophie plans to take.. just toiletries to go now...

2nd June 2008

Big Track
I want that Big Track in your car booty box, if i had known that was for sale i would have had it!!! Always wanted one of them. Anyway hope you have arrived safe and well guys.
3rd June 2008

Big Track
Oh dear... Chris if we had only known it would have been yours! Unfortuantley it didn't sell at the car boot (can't imagine why!) so I binned it! I feel dreadful now :o(
4th June 2008

Big Track
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! You binned it! :-( You nguys well?
6th June 2008

Hi to you both we had a great time at your party hope you found somwere to put you head down, seen photo on face book is the little one you Dale that statue makes you look small. Picked Shay up this morning 7.30 by carpark pissed as a fart he didnt know were he was[classic bloke], Any way better go corry is coming on speek to you soon. Steve/Angie/Boys

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